Yes, you got it right! I gave a chocolate to my locality's Mother Dairy Ice cream wala last evening. I have had this big urge to indulge in some good chocolate ice cream since last Saturday and none other, but Mother Dairy's choco-chip works at such moments. I am not too fond of ice creams, but you got to try this one to believe it. In fact, it's a MUST HAVE for all chocoholics like me! The vendor knows me quite well now and so when I stopped by his trolley, he informed me, quite sadly, that choco-chip cup is out of stock! That sure was disappointing! I went up to the display card board and tried to see if any other flavor would work for then. But NO! My taste buds squirmed at the thought of any other flavor. I looked up at his expectant eyes and said, 'Some other time then.' He nodded. I came around to the front and gave him a chocolate, 'This is for you.' He smiled, 'I'll get a choco-chip cup for you tomorrow.' I laughed, took his picture and continued my walk back home.

So this was Day 13 of my campaign and it's going pretty fine till now. Will post Day 14 soon :)

Take care and stay precious :).

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2 Responses
  1. ani_aset Says:

    he looks this before or after the chocolate :P

  2. Neha Says:

    After the chocolate...before that, he was a little grumpy as I would not buy anything but choco-chip cup :)