So you get up early...or wait, let me put it better.... you are woken up early by an unwanted call from your landlord! God...what's with people at this insane hour? Anyways, he informs me that he is going to get the carpenter. Now that's like a 'WOW'!!! All this long weekend, I had been imploring him to do just that, but he finally does it on a day when I need to rush to office! Anyways, you really can't do much with landlords...they always seem to have the upper hand.

After about half hour, comes the man, much waited for - the carpenter. He goes on to check every faulty door...banging and knocking it in between! Why does he need to do that? He sure can see that the hinges are not right and need to be changed...or that the latch is coming off! Why all the knocking and banging??? So after all the inspection, he goes about to calculate the cost, then runs into an argument with the landlord for the same and then marches straight out of the house! I, on my part, can do nothing...but try to make him (of course the carpenter!) negotiate. But he insists that he only does quality work and that's what he is asking to be paid for and goes out. My landlord then turns to me and laments. 'That's how these people are... you see. For such little work, they want all that money!' And while I nod, trying to agree with him, the carpenter comes right back in and declares that he needs three new hinges and some nails etc etc. much so for all that argument!

The man set into action about ten minutes after that, having procured all the necessary things, while I settled down to finish my breakfast as well as supervise. His work done, he proudly showed me the the 'quality' work he had done...and I, of course, agreed with him much too eagerly. Having got this done, I rushed out of the house with my handbag and the many locks. There was something missing and I realized what it was only after I had locked the main door....I had forgotten my lunch bag! So, I unlock all the numerous locks...go back and get it and embark on my way to office.

Now start the negotiations with the wretched dilli autowallahs!!! Trust me, I love Delhi, but hate the public transport system here...and more so, hate these autowallahs. They never want to go by the meter and they will never state sensible fares. It's like they are doing you a favor by taking you to your you might as well just pay what they ask for!!!

After a lot of negotiations, I finally get to office... only to find that my system would not let me log in...the domain is not available. Can things get any better? I call the IT people telling them that I cannot log in and they ask me to raise a ticket. That's like another am I suppose to raise an online ticket when I cannot log in??? So they do sense some logic in my question and say that they will 'promptly' send someone. The promptness is evident in about 25 minutes after the call.

As I settle down at work, my cell starts blinking 'Pop calling...'.

'Yupp, papa.'

'Where are you?'

'Office...where else?'

'When will you get free in the evening?'

'Around 8...why?'

'I thought we could all meet...'

' are in Delhi??? and who exactly is this 'we all'? OK..hold on papa, I might get late, so that's not possible.'

'How late? And this is urgent. And yes, I am telling you we have to meet...not asking if we can.'

'In that case, I cannot.' (God...I hate sounding like that!)

' what you want....' Then comes the dial tone (or the disconnected tone!!!) again.

As if I was not having a great day already! I let things be and get myself down to work again. The extension phone rings just then.

'Neha, are you free just now? Needed to talk.' That was a colleague.

'Yeah...come over'

In a while, she comes and tells me that she will not be able to make it for the trip to Mussoorie (something I had been planning for 2 months now!) as the other girl is not joining in. My Mussoorie trip down the drain....again....noooo, I will not let that happen. I am going on my own....I do not need company! Now, that's like the icing on the cake! I sure don't want anymore of this CAKE now!!! I'm feeling diabetic already! Will the baker of this superbly appetising cake please understand that I would not mind dull, boring and monotonous days!!! OK, I had been cribbing about monotony for some time... so what? They say He knows what's best for us...and this sure is not the kind of fun I was looking for!

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