The January chill gave a warm feel for some reason. 20 kilometers on a bike in this weather and hour was sure not a welcome ride, but it felt different today. The Sunday evening and the winters only added to the charm of the ride as it kept the nasty traffic indoors. He usually avoided being out till so late... however, today, time had run out of him.

He had planned it to be a normal lunch meet followed by coffee and that too if need be. Of course, she was a great friend; but whosoever would spend the entire day together! There was an eagerness to meet though no hurry. He had known her for years now and he had never considered their meeting to be so important. Somehow, he felt that this friendship was different and it was the trust and comfort they shared despite the distance between them, which made it strangely beautiful. He has had friends and still has plenty and has even been quite popular amidst his group. Yet to feel so close and connected with anyone was quite unlike him.

Everything had a place and time in his life, and all that he didn't deem important enough had to wait... his rules in life were simple. People and relationships were equally important for him as were his goals and ambitions. All along he thought that everything is crystal clear and sorted, but for this one person! Their longer than normal conversations didn't leave him exhausted or drained out. He never ran out of things to talk about and her cheerful demeanour only added life to otherwise mundane topics. She was different and he seemed to have known that always.

"Where have you been all day? I tried calling you, but you didn't care to answer!" His roommate stormed as he entered.

"Was with a friend... ohh, the cell is still in the silent mode. No wonder, I haven't received a single call," he adjusted the settings of his cell phone.

"You mean you didn't realize that all day! Whoaa... you got to be kidding me!"

"Gosh.. I'd need to call all these people right back before they set out to butcher me!" He scrolled through the list of calls he had missed.

"Do that later. First tell me, who were you with today? And moreover, do you really think you need to keep a cell phone with you??? You never take calls anyways!"

"It was a friend I met after many years today. Just forgot about the cell phone! Have you ordered dinner?"

"Yes, it's lying there waiting for the almighty to bestow it with their highly attention!"

"Good... let me make a quick call back home and we will have dinner."

"Make it really quick... I can't wait all day for this now!"

He glanced at his roommate's face while going to the other room... 'he can drive me crazy!' he thought to himself and continued with the call.

That night, as he lay on his bed, he recalled the time they had spent together. They had only one thing in common and that was their school and yet, everything else seemed to fit so well. Of course, she is different and so is their friendship. He was sensitive towards her, but then, aren't you sensitive towards all your friends?

Questions flooded his mind... it was like one big jig-saw puzzle. The more he tried to fit a piece in its place, the more unfit it looked there. By then, sleep was befalling him and while he succumbed to it, there was one thing he was sure about - no other girl had ever made him feel thus.... how??? He still needs to find out.

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10 Responses
  1. Its a mixture of explosiveness and implosiveness, great going D......

  2. Neha Says:

    Thanks Shubhjyoti :)

  3. ani_aset Says:

    well i will be honest
    a)the story is very very slow
    b)its hard for a reader to keep track if you churn out parts after long gaps

    i am seriously lost now. its always better to have all parts close together in post.

  4. aamir Says:
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  5. aamir Says:

    Well, now the story gets more interesting as we now read from the guy's side.

    The jigsaw puzzle either seems to be getting larger and more complicated or its just that the guy wants to fit(read:adjust) the piece where he wants rather where it should be!

    Good going. Do follow the sixth part soon.

    Take care,

  6. Neha Says:

    @ Ani - I completely agree with you...let me do the sorting out and I will also try to get them out faster :)

  7. Neha Says:

    @ Aamir - working on the next one... in fact, am planning to take it off the blog space and covert it into a book...what do u say?

  8. ashkd Says:

    Really liked the story till now.. i guess everyone can connect with the emotions that you are overflowing in it..

    Though i really agree with the slow pace as pointed by Anirudh but its a Deja-vu too as i had also written 5 parts of my story and havent added anything after March.. so i am noone to comment on slow pace of your story..

    Waiting for the 6th one! :-)


  9. Neha Says:

    @ ashkd - Thank you :). I had completely forgotten about this story. Have to complete it this time around :)

  10. ashkd Says:


    Are you actually planning it to be part of your book??