Have you ever tried listing those moments that bring instant smile on your face and an overwhelming feeling of joy? Yeah...right, the purani jeans and guitar type effect.... those little memories that you treasure... those that are now thing of the past, yet you want to relive them all over again.

On my way to office this morning, many such moments came to my mind - of school, college and friends. Each one of them makes me happy, brings a smile on my face and makes me want to go back to . Alas! Time machines are still far away :(.

  • Waiting for parents to visit us (in boarding) on the first weekend every month. In fact, waiting more for all the goodies or tuck they were to bring!
  • Saving pocket money for those once in a quarter exits (outings to the Kulri Mall Road in Mussoorie)!..... and rushing straight to Amitash for those heavenly momos!
  • The chit-chats and gossips in the dormitory after the lights were off!
  • Walking back to Wynberg (junior school where our dormitories were) every evening and actually racing to get there at the earliest.
  • Those sudden inspections by Mr Martin (headmaster)... and then trying to notch points for the house by wiping our shoes clean with the back of our socks!!!
  • Hiding 'tuck' in dhobi bags when Aunty Verghese came on her raids! Trust me, they were not as much fun as they sound!
  • The study hours when we sneaked in Archie and Tinkles between our text books! And then getting caught and being punished....
  • The occasional movies in the Common room and not to forget, Saturday dance evenings there... Saturdays were never as eagerly awaited as then!
  • The lengthy projects that did everything, but in vain, to ruin our summer vacations! And then, me making and remaking them to get that perfect handwriting!!!
  • Finishing our lunch tiffins much earlier than the scheduled breaks and then hunting for other's tiffins (wicked, na?)! Couldn't help it....others' tiffins were always tastier :))
  • The March Past practices that went for hours and hours and hours... with friend who were hell-bent on not listening to your commands!
  • Literal House wars complete with shouting slogans louder and faster during Inter House competitions. Every medal counted...
  • The 'do or die' attitude on every basketball match and then treating the entire team, even when we lost a match :). Not to forget the innumerable sprains I suffered and then the doc giving me option to either not play basketball ever or sit with a broken leg... of course...I chose basketball :))
  • 'Rainy Days' in school! Never did any other holiday make us so happy! Though guess the Princi used to bribe the rain Gods... the rain would stop just 15 mins before school and begin soon after the morning assembly!!! There was something fishy...I tell you!
  • Frozen Maggi in tiffins! Has anything else tasted so good ever??? It was a sure shot treat for any and everyone...anytime!
  • Chai sessions in college canteen with hot samosas and gulab jamuns. Anything is a feast with friends... ain't it? :)
  • The sasta, tikaau and delicious dosa and pav-bhaji in that small, but nice, restaurant outside college. Loved its coffee also... though had to urge them to make it really strong!
  • Bunking college and watching movies.... or better... going for boat rides in Yamuna, with pop corn and wafers! The best part was when we bunked our English class and the English professor caught me while crossing the fence!
  • The perfect coffee sessions with loads of gossips at friends' place! Especially, when one was home, hurt with a brick falling on her head! Two brew the coffee, 3rd one heats the milk and the 4th one pours and serves... certainly the best coffee I've ever had :) .... Kurkure and Lays added to the effect :)

Ahh... I can go on and on and on.... every moment and every person sharing those are special. Time cannot rewind, but memories remain and bring a smile whenever they cross your mind. What about you, blogdosts? I'm sure you too have fond memories and I'd love it if you'll share them here :))).

Me waiting for your reply. Take care and stay precious :))

And before you get furious as to what's happening to me keeping my promises... I' m working on the next part of the series. I know it's more than a month now, but I thought a break in between with different posts will help me come back to it fresh. The next post will only be the fourth part of the series.... pucca promise :))

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6 Responses
  1. ani_aset Says:

    nice moments.i too love that solidified coagulated maggi in tiffin

  2. pushkar Says:

    cool!!!it almost made me roll back in time..only if we wer bettr friends in skool.. we wud have had some memories of togetherness:)

  3. Neha Says:

    @ Ani - that used to be my favorite :)

  4. Neha Says:

    Pushkar - True.... but like I said... time machines are still far away :(

  5. sana Says:

    neha i did my univ frm manipal ant the other day i was listening to this video, the manipal version of summer of 69 (chk it out on my videos in orkut)and it brought bk so many memories of hostel and all the crazyy stuff which dnt mean much then but do to go bk...but like u said no time machines yet alas...neways lovely post

  6. Neha Says:

    Thanks Sana...and...though that time would not come back, yet, it does make us smile whenever we think of it...fond memoties as we can call them and endearing that they are for all of us :)