Yes, I have been away for quite some time now. Of course, the blame goes to everyone and everything else, but me! Yes, there has been lesser free time, but more of a cluttered mind. And the last thing I can do then is write :((. By the way, blogdosts, did you notice something? I've just updated my blog link. I felt that the previous one made me sound really bored and depressed (though that is definitely NOT the case!), so this new one here. Isn't it a good and positive change?? (waiting to know from you)

The last few weeks actually swept by, leaving me with no 'me' time! That sort of irritates while I crave for a long lazy weekend when I do nothing but sleep, watch TV and write! With so many tasks pending for the weekend coupled with socializing with family and friends, you can't expect anything much either. A friend suggested that I should get married, but I still fail to understand how will that sort or help things!!! It will, in fact, then be everything multiplied with two! And that sure solves nothing! Yeah, I know I am sounding like one of those headstrong feminists, which, rest assured, am not :). Just that I'm not in the favor of doing anything for the wrong reasons. I definitely don't regard marriage as a way to reduce or delegate household chores.

On the other front, I am on way to a healthier me (or let's just say - a lighter me!) Remember the amount of chocolates I had been gorging on! Though keeping in tune with my thoughts on that, I have not joined any gym. For me, taking the staircases instead of the lifts and the escalators is a better option. I have stopped binging and am trying to eat a little more healthy, while resisting the oh-ho-tempting, but calories-laden, food :). So that also meant cutting down on coffee and chocolates...and guess what! I have reduced that to once a week!!! Now, I sure deserve an applause for that... go on, I am waiting! However it's always so easy to go back to unhealthy ways; so, my dear blogdosts, I need a lot of motivation to stick to this! You guys listening, na!

And yes, there's something more I am looking forward to this weekend - a get-together with my college friends - the famous gang of Four! It's been years since we sat together, chatted, gossiped and had some real fun! Though there's a catch to this.... this is going to be a get-together on the Internet... Video Conference with coffee :))! Of course, it was my idea, for who else can come up some thing as bizarre as that! Well, couldn't really help it with all of us being in different cities and I've really been missing all of them a lot lately and so this get-together. Hey, this sure does not sound that crazy...does it?

As for my blog, I hate becoming so irregular here; but I promise you at least a post per week from now on... and whenever possible...more :)). My book will take some time, thanks to the proof-reader going on a vacation; while I'm working slowly but steadily on my next one. So, while I do all that, you keep safe and stay precious :)

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9 Responses
  1. Zainab Says:

    i agree with u... with that marriage thing.. yes everything will multiply by 2 offcourse..

    n ur idea for get together (on internet) is really good... i liked it .. n m waiting eagerly ... hope everything goes well with internent

  2. Kapil Says:

    Hey Neha, I like your blog name and your signatures....... and you know i m "J" that you can write and we can just think and speak..... anyways.... take care

  3. Kunwar Rahul Says:

    The message from the guru....we all missed you here....


  4. pushkar Says:

    "i am on a way to healthier me"..liar!!!shall i cancel d orders fr those chocs??? :)...

  5. Neha Says:

    @ Zainab - I am waiting for it too :)

  6. Neha Says:

    @ Kapil - Thanks... but you need not be 'J'... you too can speak better than me :)

  7. Neha Says:

    @ Pushkar - you can't do that with me!!!

  8. Mudit Says:

    Nice new URL and an interesting post indeed :)