Yes, I have been away for quite some time now. No, not because I was too busy.. in fact, there is this debate going on as to what would my next post be on. And there are two topics that I started writing on and eventually saved! Hopefully, one of them should be up for your reading out here very soon (i.e. if I am bribed well for either :) ).

All said and done, I am quite enjoying this new phase life ushered in finally. It had been a long long wait, but the outcome sure makes me smile. Somehow, there is this sense of security and yes, you guessed it right.... along with that comes complacency for free!!! A new workplace sure is a welcome change sometimes and you know what I love most here.... my workstation! It faces a big glass wall overlooking a railway track between a jungle of trees. OK... not a jungle really... but you got the picture, right? :) On a serious note, it's of course meeting new people, learning new things that intrigues me. So, I am quite loving it all... in a snapshot :)))

And blogdosts, I am surprised! Even if I did forget, how could you guys??? But yes, Sarika did remember and reminded me too. Thanks a lot dear... and I am changing the theme here very soon. Now that my blogdosts didn't remember it; even then, I will let them have their say. I will be posting the shortlisted themes and you can take your pick. But then... the hard work remains of shortlisting them. No worries... Sarika, I need your help here too!!! I know that's quite selfish of me, but all those templates out there baffle and confuse me :( .

You know something... along with complacency, I can also sense a sort of laziness in me. Of course, that is quite evident to you guys seeing the scarcity of posts here; but even otherwise. There are days that I don't even check my emails, which is quite unusual. Though this would surely make Dad very happy. He is allergic to the sight of my laptop... and not to mention that this usually leads to an argument! He'd walk off saying, 'You are married to that box of yours!!! (So true!!! ) Though I'd still need to shake this laziness off me and if not anything else, start working on things I've left unfinished for quite some time!

So, till I decide on the next post and the new template, you guys pray that it rains cats, dogs, horses, tigers (and whatever else comes in your mind) in Delhi! It seems to be raining everywhere else, but here!!! And remember, prayers never go unanswered :)

Keep praying and stay precious!

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6 Responses
  1. Mudit Says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Mudit Says:

    Atlast something new to read on here :)

    If the topic is a continuation to the "Is this love" series, any kind of bribe is done.

    Waiting to see the post soon..

  3. Neha Says:

    Midut... unfortunately, it's not the 3rd part of Is this Love... though will write that soon. :)

  4. Mudit Says: comment was referring to the debate on your choice of topic that you wanted to Choose from (2 you have)...eagerly waiting to see the continuation of "Is this love"...

    Ciao...adios amigos

  5. Neha Says:

    That one is on it's way, Mudit :)

  6. Ali Says:

    Even am lazy in posing comments :), but not today. Just a reminder, New Job's Treat is still due.