She left the cell phone on the bed and returned to the balcony. The air around was still warm and with the many emotions hurling within her, the temperature did not really make a difference. The occasional sounds from the road nearby broke the silence that the hour of night had brought in.

The past few days, rather weeks, left her marvelling at how life unfolded before her. Life had never been a bed of roses and her apprehensiveness often made her question herself - Is it justified to weigh every one on the same scale with equal biases? But then, did she have an option? Her friends said that she was being too hard on herself... that she needed to give herself some space and not be prejudiced about anything. On retrospection, she felt as if she had been drained out of the last bits of emotions. She felt cold and void. At times, it was like a pendulum... one extreme to another. Just when she'd feel strong and bold, a sudden surge of restlessness would creep in from nowhere leaving her numb.

Life indeed was funny and the world around her was ever-changing. Hadn't she just been almost rejected as a rightful person to lead a happy life, when almost the entire universe began to scream and tell her how beautiful she really is! Yes, things were changing and changing for the better. She was indeed a happier and a more confident person; but for that one string that pulled her back. She struggled to get rid of it and the more it clinged to her. She knew she needed to simply snap out of it... just once and it would go forever.

Just then, her cell phone beeped. She went to read the message - "Enjoy the phase and be yourself. Rest will all follow :)".... and smiled. She had somehow known the reply beforehand for it was only her sister who'd ever understand what she was going through. She was truly the pillar of her support. Placing the cell on the bed, she returned to the balcony and her thoughts.

A gentle summer breeze swept her face... it was warm and yet comforting. She recalled the day they had reconnected after years. The credit, of course, went to the present-day technology along with the many social networking sites that have become part of our very existence. Yes, they had known each other since school, but were never really friends. The first time they spoke was for almost four hours. The conversation went from school to.... cricket to.... football to.... just about any and everything under the sun. They had to end it rather reluctantly lest the next working day be spent sleeping through. And it had been truly wonderful since then. A spark had been ignited catching two souls unaware... who were blissfully ignorant in their haven of friendship.

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With Ani tagging me on this, I have yet another post to write before I decide which of the other two to publish :) . To be honest, I didn't quite understand the entire concept, but taking whatsoever help I could from Ani's post.

About the things I dreamt during “tweenage,” to accomplish in life (or so I thought!)… Anyways, here you go :)

  1. Become a journalist... Rajdeep Sardesai was my idol!
  2. Host TV shows... rather, become a TV anchor :)
  3. Work after college!
  4. Write... write.... and.... write (I guess I am somewhere there at least!)
  5. Travel to any and every place I want to... just my backpack and me!
  6. Get married to a man who loves me more than anything else in the whole wide world!
  7. Meet the man of my dreams ... Salman Khan... at least once! (I was and still am crazy about him!)
  8. Drive 'my' car... a small silver or black one :)
  9. Work with an NGO... something to do with teaching little children.
  10. Learn dance... freestyle!

So... these were it! I'll rather not do any here.... that will go on facebook notes :)

Blogdosts, would love to hear what were your Tweenage Dreams... :)

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Yes, I have been away for quite some time now. No, not because I was too busy.. in fact, there is this debate going on as to what would my next post be on. And there are two topics that I started writing on and eventually saved! Hopefully, one of them should be up for your reading out here very soon (i.e. if I am bribed well for either :) ).

All said and done, I am quite enjoying this new phase life ushered in finally. It had been a long long wait, but the outcome sure makes me smile. Somehow, there is this sense of security and yes, you guessed it right.... along with that comes complacency for free!!! A new workplace sure is a welcome change sometimes and you know what I love most here.... my workstation! It faces a big glass wall overlooking a railway track between a jungle of trees. OK... not a jungle really... but you got the picture, right? :) On a serious note, it's of course meeting new people, learning new things that intrigues me. So, I am quite loving it all... in a snapshot :)))

And blogdosts, I am surprised! Even if I did forget, how could you guys??? But yes, Sarika did remember and reminded me too. Thanks a lot dear... and I am changing the theme here very soon. Now that my blogdosts didn't remember it; even then, I will let them have their say. I will be posting the shortlisted themes and you can take your pick. But then... the hard work remains of shortlisting them. No worries... Sarika, I need your help here too!!! I know that's quite selfish of me, but all those templates out there baffle and confuse me :( .

You know something... along with complacency, I can also sense a sort of laziness in me. Of course, that is quite evident to you guys seeing the scarcity of posts here; but even otherwise. There are days that I don't even check my emails, which is quite unusual. Though this would surely make Dad very happy. He is allergic to the sight of my laptop... and not to mention that this usually leads to an argument! He'd walk off saying, 'You are married to that box of yours!!! (So true!!! ) Though I'd still need to shake this laziness off me and if not anything else, start working on things I've left unfinished for quite some time!

So, till I decide on the next post and the new template, you guys pray that it rains cats, dogs, horses, tigers (and whatever else comes in your mind) in Delhi! It seems to be raining everywhere else, but here!!! And remember, prayers never go unanswered :)

Keep praying and stay precious!

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