So finally the rain Gods decided to bless us with some pleasant monsoons despite the weathermen predicting and forecasting them since early summers. I remember the radio people betting on Monsoons beginning in early June. I wonder from where does our Met department get all these calculations!

However, I enjoyed each bit of the first heavy showers of this season and was soaking drenched by the time I was home this evening. And indulging in steaming hot momos with cold coffee was heaven! I call this life and I love monsoons! The rain and the smell of the earth and the greenery around makes everything so beautiful. It was even more fun stepping into little puddles intentionally... reminded me of my childhood carefree days! Like I always say... I'll never wait for life to offer me goodies, I'd rather take all that I like and love :)))

Though on a serious note, I sure need to create a to-do list. Naah, I'm not inspired by dasvidaniya, but there sure is sooo much to do with equally less time. And when you are that hard pressed for time, it's best to prioritize tasks (sounds one of those management gyan.. I know!). Aah, btw, I just switched jobs. It was kind a difficult, having to leave a place where you've been settled for quite some time and moving to a new one where you'd need to begin from scratch and prove yourself all over again. Though along with all this comes a lot of excitement and nervousness with a fresh perspective. As for me, this was a welcome change and I'm looking forward to all that this new phase has to bring. It's too early to talk about the new place just now, but will sure tell you all once am a little settled in here. 2009 seems to get better with every passing day :).

And yes, I have some more good news to share :). My book is finally under print... something I'd been working towards since January! Meanwhile I'm finalizing the cover and preface/acknowledgement. Sounds heavy na!!! But trust me, nothing better than the feeling when I actually present its first copy to my Grand Dad. Yeah, it's a surprise for him, something I'd planned for his birthday... but will get delayed by a few weeks now. Nevertheless, I just can't wait to see his reaction when I do that finally!

For my blogdosts, I'll be continuing with Is This Love series... :). Till then, keep guessing what happened next... if you have any guesses or suggestions, do write back :)

Take care and be precious :)

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13 Responses

  1. Mudit Says:

    All the best for the new Job and the Book (didnt know u were writing one when I suggested in last comment- Book Promotion ka contract pucca then??) let us know once its out, would love to have a signed copy from the writer herself :)


  2. Neha Says:

    Thanks Mudit. This one is of hindi poems and will take another few weeks.. will sure let you all know once it's out.

  3. Zainab Says:

    hey congrats for ur book yaar ! n i want one copy for me too...
    i envy u for enjoying rain there !

  4. Kunwar Rahul Says:

    i offer you my services for the cover design... if you need em ...


  5. Neha Says:

    Sure Kaneez... you'll get one of the first copies. And pls don't envy the rain here... we've waited long enough!!!

  6. Neha Says:

    Thanks Rahul... will sure take your advice once I have the design :)

  7. pushkar Says:

    u seem to be too much into the 'love series" :) ...d weather has been really cool ..hw bout a long walk before heat takes over???

  8. Neha Says:

    Well, Pushkar, i am enjoying writing those... and for a walk, am game for it... time and day please :)

  9. rahul Says:

    really nice blog you have..and congratulations for the book!!

  10. Neha Says:

    Thanks Rahul... keep dropping by :)

  11. ani_aset Says:

    you have been tagged