But, she couldn't do this! Wasn't it she who refused so many proposals because she was not in the right frame of mind... or so she said! Why is it that everyone she turns for help, they would all tell her to go ahead... follow her heart! What did she want? What did her heart want?

The bed seemed sore, so she went out to her balcony to get some fresh air. The sky beamed with moonlight with tiny stars sparkling around. The air was uninviting and warm, yet she stood there. Somehow, the heat seemed bearable compared to the loneliness in her room. She looked at the stars. There was a time when she used to make a wish on seeing the first star in the evening sky... and would make the same wish every day till it got fulfilled or till she felt that it was not worth wishing for any longer. On nights of sleeplessness, she'd go up to her bed room window and have a monologue with the moon for hours. Those nights were her dearest friend with whom she could talk with no bars.

She also dreamt.... dreamt of making it big in her career.... dreamt of marrying a man who'd love her selflessly.... dreamt of living in a family... her family.... with her soul mate... dreamt of all the little happiness every girl dreams of. Then, no dream was distant. They were her ways of reassuring herself that life would give her all that she has always longed for. In fact, she never waited for life to bestow her with happiness... she worked towards them and got them!

And today, she was wary of it all. Had she forgotten to steal those little joys from life? Had she forgotten to accept happiness gracefully? Were those dreams, those wishes a farce? Now, when life is blessing her with all that she always wished for, why is she turning her back to it? Questions clouded her mind and she looked up to her long-lost friend, the moon, for answers. But there was no response. It stood there silently watching her as if telling her that she needs to take a stand for herself... she needs to decide what she wants... she needs to make a choice, which will be her choice. She looked up, closed her eyes and listened... listened to the gentle rustling of the leaves in the night wind... listened to the quite sounds around her... listened to her heartbeats and listened to what her heart said to her.

She opened her eyes and returned to her room. Picking her cell phone, she typed a message - I know he'll always be with me and keep me happy and somewhere within, I love him too. His unconditional love gives me assurance and I'm sure about him now :). She sent the message to the person who was the pillar of her strength and smiled. She was in love... she knew now :)))

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27 Responses
  1. Mudit Says:

    Mesmerising, Scintillating,Thought-Provoking, enchanting, Captivating, Fascinating, Pure, refreshing, captivating and so much more....actually short of words to do justice to this post...simply spell bound!!! The guy must be really lucky who ever she messaged :)

  2. ani_aset Says:

    Is there another part to this? want to know how the guy reacted...this was too small a post neha, i was expecting some more story

  3. Anupam Says:

    nicely writtn story...@mudit/ani, guys, i guess u hv got it wrong. mudit, the guy is lucky but the person to whom she smsed n the guy in question are 2 differnt persn. so ani, no question of guy's reaction :)

  4. Mudit Says:

    Anupam, I read and read the entire thread, from the Original one to the sequel, I could make out only one person she trusts, thinks of, long for...nowhere I see two Guys here so I am not sure what part I am missing out, may be Neha can throw some light on it?...but more importantly what I can surely make out and answer is that YES, this is love? which is the sole origin of this post...If there is a another part to it, then I would surely want to know, Was she right, or it was just an emotional need that pushed her to him???
    Is there compatibility, are they really made for each other, will they stand the test of time? If they do, then thats really the answer...Yes, this is Love!

  5. Neha Says:

    @ Mudit - Thanks a lot... though she sure did not send the message to the guy. You'll notice that in the message, she refers to the guy as the 3rd person. And wait for Part 3 ... you'll know what happened next :)

  6. Neha Says:

    Yes Ani, the next part is coming soon :)... wait n watch :)

  7. Neha Says:

    Thanks Anupam & you are right. The guy and the person she messaged to are two different people... and look forward to Part 3... you'll know what happened then :)

  8. ani_aset Says:

    " I know he's always be with me" -you may like to edit this

  9. Mudit Says:

    Thanks Neha...Doubt Clarified, but I agree with Ani...and yeah, I am looking forward to the next part of must actually start writing it as a book, it will be a huge success and I can take the responsibility of its Promotion and marketing ....:)

    Neha, I wont be surprised if the pillar of the girls strength turns out to be her true Love, who knows :)

  10. Neha Says:

    Thanks Ani... mistake corrected :)

  11. Neha Says:

    @ Mudit - Good idea... but for now, I'll try to build it from here... the next part will come soon :)

  12. Mudit Says:

    Alright...sounds good my friend :)

  13. sana Says:

    hey neha,sana marias couz ur blog for the first time...and im awed at how well u jot down ur thots n feelings...

  14. Neha Says:

    Thank you so much Sana. Do keep dropping by.... it's words like these that inspire me to write more :)

  15. Neha Says:

    Thanks Rahul :). Keep dropping by...

  16. Kunwar Rahul Says:

    Sure... get time read mine too... just managed one finally dunno how it is .. would need some expert advice... to improve upon... and hey how do i get to know when you write more... not that aquainted here.. would not mind some help....

  17. Neha Says:

    Sure... I will... you can become a follower of any blog and the updates will show on your Dashboard whenever you log in to Blogger :)

  18. Kunwar Rahul Says:

    How that is the question.. and ow do i search for blogs which someone has written?

  19. Neha Says:

    You will find the option to 'Become a Follower' on every blog page. And you can look for blogs on Google or blogger through the person's name or blog name.

  20. aamir Says:

    As expected, she's in love!

    Mudit: "Was she right, or it was just an emotional need that pushed her to him???" Its these emotions that makes one fall in love!

    "Is there compatibility, are they really made for each other" - to a larger extent, there's compatibility, coz they're friends and now she sees in him that he will always compliment her all the way! As far as made for each other is concerned, its not neccessary that if they are the most compatible couple on earth, they're made for each other!U c, it's destiny that plays a major role!
    :Will they stand the test of time?" - Its only after they have fallen in love that the tides will/may go against them. And its here where their love will be tested again and again.And how they react, or handle such rough tides, will ensure how strong their love is!!

    Neha: I would like to know how does the guy feel abt her?Is there any other twist to it of any sort?


  21. Kunwar Rahul Says:

    thanks for the help... you will notice you have a new follower...


  22. Neha Says:

    Sure Aamir, you'll know what happened next... wait n watch :)

  23. Neha Says:

    Thanks Rahul... I see you there :)

  24. Kunwar Rahul Says:

    your blogs make me curious...


  25. Neha Says:

    If they are able to evoke any feeling in my readers, that's a job well done for me; so, I'll take that as a compliment :)

  26. Kunwar Rahul Says:

    well it sure is a job well done... keep up the good work...lady..