So it's already the sixth month of the year. Time seems to have grown wings on it... and though each day seems so long, months pass in a no time!

The last month has been an eventful month for me with some great news coming my way! And what is it about? Well, that's about someone who is one of the most important part of my very being. The person who taught me the way to love selflessly, the value of patience and made me feel the essence of motherhood. From being a little shy boy, who would hide behind me when anyone came close to him (it seems like only yesterday!), he is now a big boy... independent, smart, caring, sensitive and loving. Yeah, I was one of those freaking out over the declaration of Board Exam results! I've never been so anxious about Shivani's results as we all have always known her to be a topper. But with Ankit, it's been a little bit of a roller-coaster ride! But today... I am soooo proud of him! He has fared excellently and given me one of the biggest joys! And what did I gift him? You wish that he'd let me get away without that! He sure got what he wanted... but the joy and happiness that he gave us all is priceless :)))

Trip back home was great as usual, but too short! Sometimes, I think what fun is life living away from your family and meeting them a few times in a year. And even before you start spending time with them, it's time to bid Goodbye. But life is how we choose it to be... and this is what I have chosen for myself... no regrets for sure.... But even I can be homesick! And this time Shivani made some awesome chocolate brownies for me... love her for that and everything else :)... At least, she is putting the microwave to good use. And yeah, there is a new member in our family... another pet dog! So that makes them 2, but this little one is cute beyond words. He doesn't seek attention, but demands it!!! See for yourself to believe it :)

I really wanted to bring him along with me, but then that would have been cruel at my end :(... so dropped the idea! The next time I go home, he will be as big as the older one and may be a little less naughtier too... you know something... while writing this, I'm actually missing him! I am waiting for the day when I can get myself a nice pet in 'my' home!

And then, there were some events that did irritate me! First, too many people trying to act smart with anonymous comments here! I have simply removed that option from my blog completely. Hope to give me peace of mind on that front. And then, some people trying to act smart otherwise, rather thinking of themselves to be Bonds! My golden words to them - Go, get a life! (I know that sounds so unlike Neha, but then, my blogdosts will also understand that am only human :) )

And yes blogdosts, I will update you about the confused girl... let me get them first :)
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4 Responses
  1. pushkar Says:

    i am anonymous..did it irritate u ???..he he....nice post neha... n ur new family member is really cute..wen u wan a pet fr urself do let me knw ...i mite be of sum help:) ...

  2. ani_aset Says:

    Congrats for ur bro..Like you i too would like to keep a parents never allowed me to keep one :(

  3. Neha Says:

    Pushkar, in that case, start working on it as I'm planning to get a pet very soon :)

  4. Neha Says:

    Ani, don't worry.... get a nice house and a pet :)