Another interesting week ... with lots of action, drama, melodrama and comedy too! Sounds fun, ain't it??? But trust me, it's not all that great when you are at the center of all this commotion! And you have to act.... and act quick! And you guessed it right... I was the queen in this entire drama! Nonetheless, things seem to be on their way to settling down now... and once they do, I'll narrate the story (or stories???) to you, pucca promise :).

On a different note..... Is it actually possible for two people to get this close when they have never met or known each other... just may be a common channel through which they meet online? The online chats graduate to telephonic conversations... and then they meet and realize that they've known each other since forever! They both belong to different cultures, backgrounds.... yet, there had always been something that kept them together. A rare bonding... a special connection... or putting it in a filmy way - kismat connection! Then they come together, get engaged and are now on their way to get married this month! This is actually a true story of a friend. I was seeing her engagement pictures on Orkut and each one of them made me smile.... smile for the happiness I felt for them ..... smile at the ways of destiny, but that's how it is! They both met on Orkut, became the best of friends and are now soul mates! Isn't it simply amazing? Someone up there sure has devised wonderful means of uniting two individuals who otherwise are complete strangers to each other! And you know what, blogdosts! This makes me believe in those lines - kahin na kahin... koi toh hai.... (Can someone complete these lines for me... I have forgotten :( ) Cheers to them and may God Bless them with all the happiness and love!

On a lighter note, I am on my way to putting on a few extra pounds (OK, I know that's sooo not light!). And the blame for this goes to all those chocolates I am gorging on day and night and the person who's pampering me with hoards of them! But who doesn't like attention and if you ask me, I'm loving it! Been long since I felt so pampered. I remember Papa leaving a chocolate by my pillow every morning, but that was in school and I sooo miss those days! Then of course there were people who've always gifted me chocolates... but this time it's different! These chocolates are specially ordered for me... and this gives me the extra high :))). Okkkk, I know I'd better put a brake on this over-indulgence... sigh... why do all good things in life come with a price tag??

And by the way, I have been trying to write this post for more than 3 hours now and seem completely lost now! Too many thoughts seem to be clouding my mind ... so I think I'll leave it to this. And for my next post, it will be Part 2 of my previous one - 'Is this love?'

And one random thought while leaving - If only life could be simpler....... but then, what fun would it have been anyways! I'll leave you with that... take care and be safe :)

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6 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    somebody said chocs are prohibited for her :)

  2. pushkar Says:

    well to put it honestly u deserve tht pampering n d "diffrnt" feel u r experiencing these days...and i wud love to taste those "specially orderd chocs" tht give u an extra high..cheers neha!!! stay precious!

  3. Neha Says:

    Ani, what if it's a doc who gives you that many chocolates? :)

  4. Neha Says:

    Thanks Pushkar :) ... and you are most welcome to have some of them :))

  5. Winna Says:

    hey Neha, a nice written blog...
    I wont say but I can guess it whom are you referring in this blog. Thanks alot from we both!!!
    Take care and keep bloggin

  6. Neha Says:

    Yeah Winna... that's for the two of you... of course, after taking due permission from Bala :)
    Really happy for both of you... God bless you!