Minute after minute, hour after hour
Days pass and weeks fly...
Leaving me lost in the memories
of those moments when you sat by...
While I only looked at you...
and the love in your eyes;
Just listened to the words you spoke
in the midst of happiness... but why?
Why did I forget the bitter truth?
That another moment you will bid me bye.
You have gone, but I sit lost
in your words, heaving a sigh...
When next will you come to me?
When next will you sit by???
How much I miss you today...
It brings tears in my eyes...
to think that there are still many moments
still many hours... still many days...
That have to pass by.....

PS - Don't get your minds racing :). A composition I wrote years back (almost 10 years now!) , but felt like posting it here today. In fact, there are many others I love to go back to in moments of solitude. Yeah... will surely post more of them, but you'll have to wait for the time and my mood... I know that's being wicked :D
(BTW, this is the first post which got no spelling errors in the first go!!!)

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2 Responses
  1. Tarun Sharma Says:

    good composition!!!!!
    looking forward for more!!!!

  2. Neha Says:

    Thanks Tarun... will surely post more :)