OK, now that I am back to my blog space, time to complete unfinished tasks. First, some great news for all my blogdosts.... Gagan is home :)))) and I sure am all smiles. Thank you all sooo very much!!

I'll start with my first tag... courtesy Ani :). Hmmm... 25 random things about me... should be easy, considering that I always have so much to write :)

  1. I love rains... anytime, anywhere! If it is raining, I will always have a reason to be out in the rain :D
  2. Basketball is the only way to workout for me and sometimes, other games. But NO gym, yoga, walks etc etc... life cannot get more boring then :(
  3. Family and friends top my priorities in life... anything for them :)
  4. I still love watching cartoons and can watch Tom & Jerry for hours with my 5 year nephew :)
  5. Chocolates & Salman Khan are my forever favorites!
  6. Natural is the look for me... kajal & lip gloss do the magic :)
  7. The color I wear depends on my mood :)
  8. A vegetarian, I am not fussy about food, but mushrooms and ladyfinger are two things I'd always avoid :)
  9. Watching aeroplanes and waving at them is something I cannot resist :D
  10. Cooking is a stress buster for me. And I am one big ghar-ka-khana fan :)
  11. Everything I do (Bryan Adams) is a song I can listen to forever (I've always dreamt of my dream guy singing/playing it for me :) )
  12. If I set my heart on something, there is nothing stopping me then. Stubborn, impulsive...whatever...that's me :)
  13. I am not a big ice cream fan; but am game for Mother Dairy's chocolate chips anytime :D
  14. I rarely get angry, but when I do, it's bad! Only family and very close friends have seen it and they sure know what it is!
  15. When shopping, I end up buying something in black.... impulse or choice...don't know... but you have to see my wardrobe to believe it!
  16. I rarely paint my finger-nails, but my toe-nails always have a color on :)
  17. I can be really difficult at times and my mood swings are sure not easy to handle!
  18. If I have decided on doing something, I will plan it out to the finest detail, even if it's a small trip to my hometown :)
  19. I cannot see my home messed up AT ALL... yeah, that's one Virgo trait that drives people around me crazy!
  20. Sports interest me, but I watch cricket only when Team India plays! IPL... ICL... etc etc don't make sense to me!
  21. I love all seasons - winter chill for the pleasure of hot Bournvita milk/ginger tea in the coziness of my bed; summers for water melon and musk melon; monsoons for the rains and the smell of the earth in the season; springs for making everything so bright and colorful and autumn for the rustling sound of dried leaves while you walk :)
  22. I am not a music fan, but love reading Indian fiction! Ruskin Bond inspires me :)
  23. I don't like mangoes! (Now, don't stare in disbelief!)
  24. If I really want something, I can make it happen! & I have everything in me that it can ask for.
  25. I am a believer & I strongly believe in love - for family, friends and for that special person in your life. If you can't love, you'll never know the true worth of life!

Couldn't be more random than that! And like I said, I can go writing for hours. And yes, you guys will see more activity here in days to come.... there's so much I have already planned on writing... so keep reading and keep writing :)

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11 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thats really a good list. BTW, like u said...u can go on and on writing, I don't mind reading all that at all!!

    One can know you better now, but I will not draw any presumptions or be judgemntal here. I'll wait for more of ur YOU in the same post!

    I read that poem of urs that you have recently posted here. Thats really awesome. ideal for lovers living miles apart.But, since you have written this 10 yrs back, should i presume that you wrote it for your mom?

    Aur haan, has anyone sung that song for you till now (Everything I Do-Bryan Adams).

    *Nice to know Gagan is back home.

    Keep up the good work.take care and God bless.


  2. Neha Says:

    Hey Aamir,

    Thanks :). I sure will be posting more often.

    That poem was written at the spur of a moment, a time when I wrote like one of those hopeless romantics :). Though, also a time when I had started writing and could write on anything that would come to my mind.

    And no one has yet sung or played that song for me... or else why do you think I'm still single... lolz...

    Thanks again and keep dropping by :)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Nice to know that little trivia.

    As for the Single status, no comments!
    And yes, the poem is not really hopeless. In my view...there's hope in that poem.

    btw who knows...sm1 sang it for u..and yet wasn't ur(THE) guy. (blah blah blah);)

    BTW...m still waiting for your "love at first sight" post!

    Take care and God Bless.

  4. Neha Says:

    Ohh yes, forgot about that post... will write something on that soon... need to go through all my posts to remind myself of all the promises I made here :)

  5. zaff Says:

    nice one neha...

    expand list of ur fav songs or the one u wanna listen frm a guy. u surely will get ur Mr. Right. not every one sings bryan adams,, sm sing hindi movie songs pretty well. :}

    tk care

  6. Neha Says:

    @Zaff - Thanks :)

    And btw, I believe in consistency and someone will sure sing/play that song for me one day :)

  7. Zainab Says:

    nice post as always
    u n me have so much things in common ! same pinch for that!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous Says:
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  9. pushkar Says:

    very nice...keep it up:)

  10. Ashutosh Says:

    I just happened to stumble onto ur blog and well just my luck! What unbelievably strange angrezi. Have mercy on Shakespeare's soul. Spare a thought for Milton. "rain Gods", "monsoons", "the weathermen"!!

  11. Neha Says:

    @ Ashutosh - my blog... my angrezi :)) .... for me writing here is like talking to all my blogdosts... That's what makes it more fun for me :)