January 1, 2 am - a night I'd never forget... when I felt that the entire world had collapsed around me and I stood there, bereft ad helpless. I didn't know what to do, who to call. Tears knew no limits and life seemed to have lost its meaning. I called him. He was there to listen, to comfort... he was with me. And not only then, he has always been with me ensuring that I stand strong. In fact he is one of those few people I consider my Support System.

He is one of the strongest person I know... a real fighter - a person who'd not deter from calling a spade, spade. In fact, he is a source of my strength too. At a time when I was all lost, confused and shattered, he encouraged me to stream my energies and know the real me. 'You have to write and continue writing... you write really well and I will make sure that you always write!' One of the first appreciations and a great source of motivation when I became active on my blog space here. I receive a call every time I publish a new post, telling me he loved it. I know that he reads and rereads my posts and forwards my blog link to every friend. And if I catch him in between writing a comment to a post, he flips the screen and asks me to read them later.

And then, there are those days, when he waits for me after his shifts ; we go out, have paranthas or gol guppas.... and talk endlessly with all those high-fives in between. Whenever I call him, I am greeted with 'haanji', something that I am so used to now, rather than the usual 'hello'. The other day he said he will kill me if I don't get all Ruskin Bonds I have and needless to say, I have been forgetting to get them for him for the last four weeks now. I am not even able to open my mouth to explain and he'd retort, 'rehne de, excuses na dena... I will kill you now!' All I can do then is smile. And then, there's this party we have planned that is long due and of course, he has something to say to that too - 'aap toh badde log hain...time hi nahi hota!' He's someone with whom I can talk, share, crib, agree and disagree with no inhibitions or fear. At times, I fear his scoldings, but I know they are all for my benefit. He is one friend who has and will always be there, I know.

It was like any other day on Wednesday when I called him at around 2 in the afternoon. But on the other end, I heard a different voice... of another friend. He told me that Gagan has had an accident and he is in the hospital in a critical state. I rushed to the hospital only to know he was still unconscious and doctors were not saying anything certain. It's been 2 days since then... Gagan is still in the ICU, unconscious. I have not seen him till now, because may be I won't be able to bear seeing him that way.

I feel helpless, and I guess, in front of His ways, all mortals do. But I know one thing for certain... where everything else has limits... prayers don't. Today, I need you all, my blogdosts, to pray for Gagan. He needs our prayers. His family needs them. Prayers have the power to make miracles happen. Please pray that he recovers soon. When I go tomorrow to the hospital, I will go and see him. And I will take all your prayers along with me.

Gagan, I know you will read this very soon and might as well want to kill me for this also. By then, though, you will have all the Ruskin Bonds with you. Of course, then we have to plan our party and not just plan, but actually party this time... like I wrote on that picture - We rock together! You'd better get well soon... all of us are waiting... !

Blogdosts, the credit for my profile picture on Blogger also goes to Gagan :). (Dekha Gagan, I don't only take credit, but give it too :) )

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28 Responses
  1. ani_aset Says:

    Praying Neha..a sincere prayer for Gagan..I wish he recovers soon..hopefully you will get some good news about him by tomorrow..God must have some good plans ready for him

  2. Blog Dost Says:

    Hey Gagan,

    May the collective power of our 33 crore Gods gives you the healing touch...And I hope you have a speedy recovery.

    Hope god keeps you safe so that you can stand by and for others like you did with one of my most wonderful blogdost...

    Here's a prayer for you

    Get well soon!
    Get well fast!

  3. M A Says:

    hey neha

    i dont knw u , but i think i knw wat ur going thru , nothing anyone can say , will make u feel better ... but , as i read from ur post , gagan is a fighter and he has u behind him , supporting him in every possible way , as mch as everything is always in d control of God , know dis .. prayers are heard d minute we make them , the results take time , cos someone up there tests our gut ... u hang in there ... a lot of us have faced similar situations and not known wat to do .. i learnt .. d only thing to do is pray ... and leave it all to Him ... He knows how to sort it out



  4. Neha Says:

    Thank you Ani, Blog dost & M A. Please keep him in your prayers. Yes, this is a testing time for all of us, but I know our faith in Him will see Gagan through every pain.

  5. Blog Dost Says:

    Sure, Neha. Gagan is as a friend of us blogdosts as is urs...
    Don't worry! He will be alright soon...take care

  6. Great Says:

    My prayers are with your friend, Gagan. He will be fine very soon Neha! God bless!

  7. Neha Says:

    @ Pooja - Thanks dear. Pls keep praying for him :)

  8. Zainab Says:

    its really bad to hear that !
    our prayers are with him dont worry neha he will b fine ...

  9. Neha Says:

    Thanks Kaneez... pls dua karti rehna....

  10. Yashika Says:
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. Neha Says:

    Thanks Yashika... long time. Falling in love is too subjective... and to be honest, I am in love with all the wonderful people in my life. Please pray for Gagan.

  12. arpit Says:

    all prayers and mantras with him. may he get well soon and reads those books you brought for him . amen

  13. Gayatri Says:

    Neha gagan will be perfectly alright, don't you worry.
    Someone who is up there will surely listen to all of us.
    He will recover soon.

  14. vikas Says:

    hey i wish he'll be fine soon.....he's gonna be there in my prayers, n i wish the next time i read this blog, he's out of cr....dont worry....he'll be fine soon
    God Bless !!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Neha!

    Don't worry.Gagan will be fine soon.
    I remember well, once i was very ill and hospitalised. The Drs had lost all hope. But there was this friend of mine, who didn't. She kept praying and encouraged me all the way, and that gave me my life back. It wasn;t only her prayers and all her firends and colleagues prayers that saved was that constant encouragement and her smile that made me fight death and emerge victorious.
    The moral is, meet gagan, extend that smile which reflects courage, hope and care, and m sure that will go a long way in getting Gagan back to normal.
    Insha Allah, he will be fine soon.

    Take care,

  16. Neha Says:

    @ Gayatri - Thanks a lot.... we all are waiting for him to recover...please pray for him.

  17. Neha Says:

    @ Vikas - Thanks a ton...the next time I will write a post will be only after he recovers.... pls keep praying for him.

  18. Neha Says:

    @ Amir - Thanks... Gagan is still in the ICU, unconscious... we all are waiting for him to open his eyes and regain consciousness... pls pray for his recovery.

  19. zaff Says:

    hey neha so nice of u to get people together to pray for our dear gagan. u know, i spend most of my time outside ICU but very rarely get the courage to get in and see him.
    and yes, his "haanji" and "haan bhai" have completely replaced hello and hi in my dictionary.
    all the people here, jst wanna let u know,, ths is one guy who will give his 100% to everyone in need and is the purest soul i hv ever been with. i request u all to plz pray for him frm the deepest core of ur hearts.
    hey neha,, plz bring ur ruskin bonds soon,, may be he is just waiting for thm to be near his pillow. am sure he will wake up and ask me to read thm for him.

  20. Neha Says:

    Zaffar, it is one difficult time for all of us, but I know Gagan will be fine very soon... In fact, he has to be fine! When I asked the doctor yesterday, she said that he is recovering gradually and God is great. And yes, tomorrow he will have all the Ruskin Bonds I have and once he is with us, I will be planning the party too that he has been waiting for so long!

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Neha,

    How is Gagan doing? Will keep in my prayers. I'm sure he'll be well soon.
    Impossible turns possible with faith and belief.

    Take care and continue writing those lovely words , they seem right from your heart. Excelsior!


  22. Neha Says:

    @ All Blogsosts - Gagan's condition is the same; I went to see him today, called out his name, tried talking to him, but got no response... not even a slight hand movement. The person who always had so much to say is silent for so many days now. We all are waiting for him to open his eyes, look at us, smile and talk to us. And I am sure that he will do all of this and even more very soon. Please keep him in your prayers and ask the Almighty to help our Gagan recover soon. It's unbearable to see him like that. I plead all of you to pray for him. Your prayers will work miracles for him, I know. Please pray for him.

  23. Neha Says:

    @ Saurav - Thanks and please pray for Gagan's speedy recovery. I will write a new post once he recovers and I know that it will be very soon. Thanks again.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Neha,

    How is Gagan doing now? Did he regain his conciousness? We're praying for him and Inshallah he should be fine soon.

    Take care and let me me know if we can can be of any help to you.

    take care and keep the faith.


  25. Neha Says:

    @ Aamir - Gagan is still in the ICU on ventillator; though the CT scan reports have shown considerable reduction of the clots; but complete independence from the ventillator is critical. Hopefully, that should be in a few days. Though, sometimes, he does open his eye or move his hands now; but that's very less as of now.

    Thank you all for your prayers...please do keep praying. I promise a word from Gagan on this post once he is fit enough to read from all of you. :)

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Good to know that he's recovering.

    its been a week now, since u last updated us on his condition.

    I hope he's better than b4.

    Take care and keep the faith.


  27. Neha Says:

    @ All Blogdosts - Gagan has been shifted to HDU (Highly Dependable Unit) yesterday and ventillator has been removed. He opens his eyes, recognizes friends and family, follow commands etc. I thank you wholeheartedly for all your prayers and wishes. Please do keep praying for him. To be honest, it's only faith and the strength of prayers that have been giving us the courage to endure all this. They say, no prayer goes unheard and I am seeing that happen today :). Please continue to pray for him.