As I promised, my new post is here :). And it's not something to read, but look at! Some shots that I took at various places. Don't go on the order please... it sure took a lot of time and effort uploading these :).

So, sit back, scroll down and enjoy! And yeah, I still prefer my writing to photography :)

This one was at Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh. On a peddle boat, it was difficult to get the focus right, but then, the result did not disappoint me :)

For a long time, I was watching this little one from my balcony and then, I thought of capturing it in my camera. It was picture perfect at the first go :)

Sukhna Lake again and I love this one! Nature surprises me with its beauty and grandeur!

The trip to Chandigarh happened during the initial days of my getting used to my new camera. Wanted to capture something exclusive and what better than these Three men marching at the Rock Garden (Chandigarh).

There was something creepy I felt when I looked up at this one at the Rock Garden. I don't think my camera could do justice to that look and feel though.

Rock Garden was indeed a beautiful place and a great one for such stills!

Indian Beauty personified!
I came across her in a small by lane in Jaipur and instantly requested her for permission to click a picture. She smiled and I clicked :).

When I requested this gentleman (in Jaipur again) for a picture, he posed immediately! I loved the get-up and especially the turban :).

Every Indian monument mystifies as well as amazes me and so did Albert Hall in Jaipur.

Everyone loves Gol-Guppas... aren't they a universal favorite?
I was debating whether to take this one or not at Katra, but then, that photography bug in me won and here it is :).

The grand entrance to Vaishno Devi!

A view of the Vaishno Devi shrine. There sure is something magnetic there that draws you closer with every step that you take towards it.

Remember the kids behind my place of whom I was talking about the other day? I will soon visit them and yes, I will also tell you about my visit :).

And this was the frame I was trying to capture when those kids spotted me with the camera. It was indeed a beautiful evening and I am glad I have a souvenir!

My balcony view again! And that's an eagle, not a pigeon :).

Naah...not Kashmir, like my brother asked! This is another one from my balcony :).

A shot from my bedroom balcony again. It's spring time and it does wonders to everything around you. Don't you agree?

These were some shots I thought of sharing with you all. I hope it did give you a break from my regular long long posts! Yeah, I know I ain't much of a photographer, but still love capturing people and nature around me :). There are so many moments I'd love to relive. but because I can't, I want to keep them with me forever. At times, I so want to just go out with my camera and click anything and everything that catches my attention. And may be, I will just do that soon :). And whenever I do that, I promise I will share them with all my blogdosts here :).

PS - All the images on this blog are copyright and must not be reproduced without permission.
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24 Responses
  1. Ashish Says:

    Nice Pics....Neha.. U have all the traits of becoming a nature photographer and u sure this balcony belongs to u :)

  2. Zainab Says:
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  3. Zainab Says:

    hey all pics are too good ! nice photography .....
    i miss greenery here

  4. Neha Says:

    Thanks Ashish :)
    And one of the major reasons I took this house was its balcony!

  5. Neha Says:

    Thanks Zainab... and this is one of the reasons whyyou should return to India :)

  6. arpit Says:

    nice post!
    i too want to do a photo post for a long time now....
    i guess there is a time for i am waiting for the right moment

  7. Neha Says:

    Hey Arpit - Waiting for the right time is usually an excuse... so if you want to put up something there, do it! I am looking forward to it :)

  8. Blog Dost Says:

    Just one word....WOW!

    17 in all :) Everyone is a beauty. My top pick is #4 from bottom. I don't know what name shall i call it.. everytime it looks something different. It's no#1 'coz clouds are so fickle that they can change shape in a flash and the scene which one wants to capture disappears!

    Btw, don't u feel that the "beauty personified" somewhat looks like you? Rather, if you are made to dress like her n take her place, you would look somewhat like her :) and yes, it's a compliment :):)

  9. Neha Says:

    Hey Blogdost - Thanks :). My personal favorite is also the same one. I focussed and clicked instantly as a loss of a single moment meant losing the entire frame. Am glad I could make it!

    For the indian beauty part, she looked even more pretty in person. Thanks for the compliment though :).

  10. Blog Dost Says:

    so, you mean to say that you also look more pretty in person :)

  11. Neha Says:

    @ Blogdost - Not at all! I look just the ay I look in my pictures :)

  12. ani_aset Says:

    I loved the cloud shot....just wish it was more clear :)

  13. Neha Says:

    @ Ani - I will send you the original picture. It has come out clear and nice. Don't know why it's not as good here :(

  14. pushkar Says:


  15. Neha Says:

    So I finally have a comment from Dr. Pushkar and I sure remember when you used this word last :). I am honored... thanks a lot :)

  16. piya Says:

    hey i ws jss surfing d net..n came through ur blog..really awesome picture.....
    u really did incredible work....
    TC ...

  17. Neha Says:

    Thanks a lot Piya :). Keep dropping by for more!

  18. Blog Dost Says:

    Now, this is one true appreciation from Piya...

    Trust me, had I been in your place, I would have thought that all the 'exciting' and 'loving' pains that I took while taking these pics was worth :)

    You rock, lenswoman!

  19. Neha Says:

    @ Blogdost - After receiving so much appreciation for these pictures, I feel ecstatic. And like I said, I still prefer my writing, but these surely have motivated me to experiment more with my camera :)

  20. Pictures speak more than words.
    The duck sailing in the water, girl eating gollgapeye/pani puri and the eagle sitting on top are my favorite ones.

    Good captures from ur lenses...
    Keep Rocking,

  21. Neha Says:

    Thanks a lot Prashant :). The golguppa one is one of my favorites too! Keep visiting for more!

  22. Wow..too good..
    I've saved some of them on my cellphone...
    Was their a copyright on any of these??? Even if there was..sorry didn't notice and won't notice in the future either :)

  23. Neha Says:

    Thanks Ashutosh... you can save more in your cell phone :)

  24. Ashish Says:

    Pics showing ur keen interest n observation.Keep doing so.