When I lay crying,
In that little cradle of mine...
She rushed to me
Where I was lying.
She saw to my every need
In that little cradle of mine.

With the support of her tender hands,
I learnt how to stand.
With my feet on her's,
I learnt to walk minors.
When I fussed and didn't eat,
She fed and carressed me with her love so sweet.

She always showed the biggest smile,
On my very small achievement.
She never heaved a sad sigh,
On my disappointment.
She encouraged me till the last bit;
She always laughed at my dumb wit.

Now...she has left me alone...
To lead a life on my own...
Now my dear mother is no more...
All I have of her's are SWEET MEMORIES

These words were written by a 12-year-old on a night when she came to terms with her loss. Probably, they were the first of her ways of expressing what she was going through... when pain had refused to flow out through tears. She had never written before; but that night, she wrote and what took form with her words and feelings was this poetry.

It's been thirteen years since... time flies! That little girl is an independent woman now. She writes even today to express what she feels and share what she's learnt. And she misses her mother and thinks how different and beautiful life would have been, had she been with her. But alas, destiny! Yet, her mother did give her that last gift - the realization that this little girl can articulate her feelings through words. That little girl is me.

Mumma, I miss you more with each passing day. Today is your birthday and like every year, we will celebrate it for you. You are the reason for our existence and the source of our strength and motivation. I still do feel your presence around me and with me and I know you will always be there.

Happy Birthday, Mumma! :)
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31 Responses
  1. Ashish Says:

    That is very touching indeed...

  2. Insomniac Says:

    Neha di u just made me cry....its can i forget all the conversations we had on the basketball court and when u told me about it.....U have truly grown up into a wonderful human being and i am sure ur mother will be so proud of u.... Happy Birthday Aunty :) loads of love to all of you!

  3. Neha Says:

    @ Insomniac - Thanks a lot and sorry if that made you cry... to be honest, whenever, I read it, a tear silently rolls down my cheek too. But dear, here, I can only see your blogger username, I'm sure we know each other very eager to know your name :)

  4. Insomniac Says:

    Neha di....Insomniac is me.... daminee...i dnt know why its not showing my name... :(

  5. Anonymous Says:

    You made me cry too.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Your mother has really given you a great gift.
    Well, the first two para made me miss my mom sooo much. Today we're miles apart, and she's not well. i miss her so much, and this poetry has made me miss her all the more.
    May God bless your mom, and may she rest in peace.
    Take care.Aamir.

  7. Very Nice....very tochy and belated hppy B'dy to Aunty.......

  8. Zainab Says:

    happy birthday to aunty !
    really beautiful n touching... dont have words to say much..

  9. Neha Says:

    @ Daminee - To be honest, I had guessed it, but played safe not to guess :). BTW, I didn't know you've been following my blog too :). Feels good :)

  10. Neha Says:

    @ Anonymous - Sorry about that :(

  11. Neha Says:

    @ Aamir - I will pray that your mother recovers soon. Call her up and express what you are feeling and how much you are missing her. It will make up for all the physical distance :)

  12. Neha Says:

    @ Anonymous - I'm glad it touched your heart.

  13. Neha Says:

    @ Gagan - Thanks :). And it's not belated yet, it's today - March 4.

  14. ani_aset Says:

    >:D< a big one...well havent given it to ne one for making me miss my mom..but for you a special one >:D<

  15. Neha Says:

    @ Ani - Thanks :)

  16. Anand Says:

    Ur doin' it, aren't u? Ur post -
    I like !!!

    Btw, U heard 'bout a reporter meeting Krishna? The REAL Krishna?? Come on over, find it out.
    Anand. :-)

  17. Neha Says:

    @ Anand - Thanks :)
    And yeah... amd waiting to read what happened next!

  18. Anshul Malik Says:

    Hi Neha,
    How r u.
    Can you please reply to my comment on ""Small.... but Great Joys of my Life".

    Anshul Malik

  19. gurleen Says:

    i still remember that day and ur pomes gosh those where tough days and u were one strong girl and i'm really b
    proud of u ...

  20. Neha Says:

    @ Gurleen - Thanks a ton dear. it was you guys who helped me out in that phase and I am indebted to you for that. My strength came from you all. Thanks for everything :)

  21. Anand Says:

    Hi Neha.. Sorry to have u waiting so long..

    The 2nd part of the "Legend of Krishna" has been publised.

    Have a great read. Lemme knw wot u think. I hope u like it.

    And it's far as I believe.
    Anand. :-)

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you neha for the prayers and advice. By the grace of allah, she is much better now.
    May God bless you.take care.

  23. Neha Says:

    @ Anand - Read it...and I feel that guy was waiting for part 3 :)

  24. Neha Says:

    @ Aamir - That's great news. I am sure she will be in perfect health very soon :)

  25. Shilpi Says:

    hi Neha!Its been really looonng since we interacted but I think time is not a factor when you wish to reconnect.Firstly, Congrats on writing a Blog.Trust me, it something Iv wanted to do for a long time but never had the right opportunity to follow it.You write extremely honestly and that is the reason you can reach out to ppl.Today happens to be my mother's bday and your poem made me really emotional and thankful.
    Take care.Keep writing!

  26. Neha Says:

    Thanks Shilpi :). Wish your mother a very happy belated birthday.
    And you are right, time is not a factor when you want to reconnect. In fact, it's an excuse. I am happy that distance and time have not faded our memories :)

  27. Sanjeev Says:

    Pain is the ink and emotions the pen with which a poet writes poetry. And your poetry makes one relive that pain again.

    Wonderful and very very touching.

    Keep It Up Neha!

    Greatest gift & treasure on Earth is Mother..