Been away from this space for over a week and to be honest, this was intentional. No...not to see or find out how much you missed me, which I'm sure you did :D. It was more to live every day moments, without that impulsive streak rushing in to pen (or type!) it in my blog space. Honestly, it has become impulsive now with me looking for moments that I can share with you guys here and then waiting to hear back from you :).

Last week, though, there were many lessons learnt and few of them the hard way. And of course, I am going to share them with you and yeah, do take lessons from mine. That sure is easier than having to experience them yourself!

  1. Never eat gol-guppas for 3 consecutive days! I did!!! The first time was in the royal company of myself; the second , my cousin and I gorged on them together and the third time round, I couldn't refuse when a friend came up with the suggestion. And surely, my stomach has not taken too kindly to something that elevates my mood instantly. I don't understand why most of those things that you really enjoy are bad for your health!!! Anyways, lesson learnt, I will abstain from street food for at least a's make it two weeks.... guess a month is too long a punishment! I know you agree with me :). Just say you do :)).
  2. Never leave your balcony door open, especially if you live on the top floor! Well, this was courtesy my maid. And again courtesy her, we had a surprise guest - a full-grown monkey, who first feasted on about half a dozen bananas decorated on the center table. Then, he (or could be she!!! Didn't really get the time to find out) tacitly opened the refrigerator and took out everything that he could lay his hands on.... a packet of milk, new loaf of bread, box of eggs & boiled potatoes. And all this while, my maid, blissfully unaware, continued with her work with her back towards our coveted guest! It was when she turned around and screamed that startled me off my slumber! Our guest, though, was in no hurry and continued having his brunch. And to keep for his hunger pangs for later in the day, strode off royally with the loaf of bread!
  3. Never under-estimate (or may be look down) on any individual. Not that I did that (not being modest, but honest), but yes, what happened was unexpected and a little shocking. I hired a rick to get to the Ring Road and as always, I was caught in between giving directions - Bhaiya, ulta haath... nahi nahi....right le lo. The rickshaw-puller slowed down and turned to ask in impeccable English - 'Ma'am, Shall I take the left or the right turn?' It left me speechless and all I could do then was to answer by putting out my right hand. While paying him, I gathered the courage to ask about his education. He replied nonchalantly, 'M Sc in Chemistry.... par kya karein, zindagi kab U-turn le le, kisse pata chala hai?' And here am I, who can never stop cribbing and complaining!!!
  4. Your younger siblings don't remain kids always. I guess this is the way that all first-borns, like me, are programmed to think. It was only the other day when I was discussing something with Shivani that I realized how much she has grown up and matured too! Of course, even in the past, she has helped me out of situations; but then, I still felt more comfortable to think that she is still the little kiddo who would walk up to ask me every little thing. But the gyan she gave me last week was something I sure was not expecting! And yeah, I, like before, am following what she said. Now what she said, I will share when I accomplish it :).
  5. Don't be swayed by others' views; wait and let your own be created. This is something I strictly follow and especially, when it comes to watching movies. And I followed it yet again. I went to watch Delhi 6, despite strong notions from friends against it. And I quite liked it... not that it can be compared with RDB, but come on, it wasn't that bad either! OK, completely my views and opinion and will not compel you to buy them. But wait, hey ladies out there, isn't Abhishek looking good? :D
  6. And in continuation with the point above, first impression is not always the last impression! I usually don't do that and let my impression evolve as I get to know a person better. And this surely has helped me to not be prejudiced and meet and know some really wonderful people. Now, not that I met someone in the last week.... but nevertheless, wanted to share :)

Yeah... so it has been quite a learned week! But then, that will really work if I learn my lessons well enough. Though, am sure working on them. For example, I refrained from even looking at gol-guppas today and ate raj-kachori instead! I am one chatori, trust me.... and my tummy is still acting funny :(((. And I am trying to think the way Shivani has asked (or shall I say instructed!) me to... and that sure will take some stupid and insane expectations (from life!) off my head. Well, that's how it's supposed to work on me! And I promise to keep you guys posted on my progress.... the good girl that I am :D!

A little prayer - ....And lead me not into temptation.....especially when I see gol-guppas and chocolates!

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14 Responses
  1. Zainab Says:

    good lessons to be learnt!
    n lemme tell u that "we enjoy eating those things only which are bad for health" u cant help it..
    n i agree totally with ur lesson 5 & 6 ....
    make ur own opinion ,
    "first impression is not always the last impression" very true ..
    have learnt this lesson years back...
    n in btw i liked ur guest .. hehe

  2. Neha Says:

    Very true Kaneez! And even then, you never seem to have enough of all those yummy things :(. And that guest was quite freaked me out!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    wow.. so u seem to be @ complete loss of SCMP (SELF CONTROL MECHANISM POWER) when it comes to GolGappas....

  4. Neha Says:

    @ Anonymous - so true! I am paying a price for it as well :(

  5. Anonymous Says:

    ya..i am sure its worth every penny..I mean u wouldn't mind it right:)

  6. Neha Says:

    @ Anonymous - Right again...never :D

  7. Anand Says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Anand Says:

    Read it, loved all of it including commas and fullstops, decided to come back fr more.

    Btw..I'm jus as much a fan of Pani puri, as how Gol gappa is popularly known in my part of the world..
    Maybe I'll treat u to some...afer a thorough check up both of our stomachs.

    Well Written.
    Anand. :-)

  9. ani_aset Says:

    hey loved this one neha..except the gyan in last two inspired me to go and have my share of vada-pav today...and i loooooved it...and lessons from your guest.."atithi devo bhav"...btw you could have given this scoop to INDIA TV, they could have interviwed your guest ;)

  10. Neha Says:

    @ Anand - What's in the name? At the end of the day, they are simply amazing! And thanks a ton...keep dropping by :)

    @ Ani - Thanks a lot dear :). And yeah... should have called India TV or IBN7. Courtesy my guest, mujhe bhi thodi publicity mil jaati :)

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Well written Neha!

    All the points highlighted are very true and one should abide by them.
    My fav. was the 'impression' point.One should never make an opinion on any one when they meet for the first time. I guess, it takes a lot of time to actually form an opinion and it takes a second to destroy all that.
    Well said.
    take care.Aamir.

  12. Yar i also had that Golgappas.....for 3 consecutive days after that day....n trust me i dare nt to hv any more....for quite some time then u knw .... ;)

  13. zaff Says:

    At Last I found someone who liked Delhi-6 the way I did. But am still waiting for people who liked unintentionally funny movies like Tashan and CC2C.

  14. Neha Says:

    @ Aamir - Thanks :)

    @ Gagan - So, when do we go for our next gol-guppa expedition??? :D

    @ Zaff - I haven't seen the other two, so can't say much about them. But yes, Delhi 6 was quite nice.