I have been trying to give a new look to my blog interface for a while now; but somehow, continue to carry on with this Barbie Doll look! Time for some serious change now and I need your help with this. So now, the moment you all read this, please select some nice template for the blog and send it over! I'd love to experiment with something new :).

And if you think, I am making you all do all the hard work, don't fret and snarl! I am working on my next post and this one will be a treat to your eyes (at least it is to mine)!

And, by the way, the weather in Delhi is simply amazing just now! Will quote a friend here - Awesomme Maussumm! It's just perfect to go for a cup of coffee with friends or better still on a long drive with your companion! Can't get more romantic than that! Don't start wondering what am I doing indoors right now! All my friends are busy with their companions and my companion is still a figment of my imagination :(. And so, here I am, observing the Earth Hour (yeah, not laptop is on!) and writing this post :).

And yes, thanks to my new blogdost for the reference of the golguppe wala in Karol Bagh. I, sure, am going there next weekend! For today, I think I will order something... in no mood to cook :(. And then, nothing better than a hot cup of coffee or kahwa in the balcony! These are some moments I really relish... and when I can just be with myself. They are rare and so all the more special :). With a clouded sky and cool breeze, it sure will be great!

Till then, you guys select a template for me and look out for my next post! :))
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12 Responses
  1. ani_aset Says:

    hey i looooved this one :) different

  2. Neha Says:

    Ani - help me select a template :)

  3. Tarun Sharma Says:

    Ur blog is really AWESOME!!!

    I liked this background template very much.

  4. Neha Says:

    Thanks a lot Tarun :)
    Keep dropping by!

  5. ani_aset Says:

    I tried very hard neha :)..selecting template

  6. Neha Says:

    Hey Ani - I know... guess I will put if off for sometime till a good one comes along :)

  7. Sarika Malik Says:


    I am giving u a link to change the theame of ur blog. If u know anyone around u in IT u can ask how to upload? Otherwise u can inform me, I will send u the steps..

  8. Neha Says:

    Thanks a ton Sarika! This is a really good link. Now, I am in a fix as to which one to pick :(. Will take me time to decide on the ultimate one :).

  9. GAYATRI Says:

    Check out with this link too.. :)

  10. Sarika Malik Says:

    U can contact me at one and tell me, I will tell u the steps to change...cheers!

  11. Neha Says:

    Thanks a lot Gayatri. I will surely select something this weekend :)

  12. Neha Says:

    Hey Sarika - you are a sweetheart! This weekend, I will finalize one of them and you will get an email from me :). Thanks a ton!