There are so many things on my wish-list just now; and ironically, there is none that I can really go ahead and just do it or get it :(. I am sure the dudes reading this will be like - A typical woman/girl with this never-ending wish list! But this has nothing to do with a black dress, or a pair of red stilettos or a Gucci bag. By the way, a nice combination, ain't it? I think I will add these to the list :D. Guys, stop making those faces!

Back to the point, there are sooo many things I so want to do. I sure have a mind list and I think, like all other thoughts, let me put them down here. That way it becomes more concrete for me and in this case, might as well become doable!

  1. First things first... I need a long break! I just need to get away from all the commotion around me and get some time for myself when I can actually be with my thoughts. For that matter, I guess even a weekend will work, provided some one takes care of those chores like getting the grocery, going to the dry cleaners'/tailor, getting clothes ironed. Ughhhh, can't I get a break from all these for just one weekend in let's say 3 months? This sure is not asking for too much! Had my Dadaji been reading this, he would have a solution (in fact according to him, that is THE solution to all my distress) - Get married! How to explain that it will be just another task to find someone to do all those chores :(.
  2. I so want to join some NGO. Now, this is something that I have started working on. In fact, today, I got a better idea. While drying my hair in my balcony, I noticed the sun playing hide and seek with the clouds. I was compelled to click a picture and rushed to get my camera (yeah, the photography bug has bitten me too :) ). And just then, some children from this small school behind my home called out to me and asked to take their pictures, which I did. Then, they asked me to come over and I have promised them a visit tomorrow. I am looking forward to it now and I am sure I will have a lot to write on it tomorrow :).
  3. I really want to visit my family for at least a week. It's been years since I went home for more than a long weekend kind of trip. I admit that the onus for this lies on me completely; but my friends in the corporate world will know the reasons as well. But then, I really can't do much about this during the present recession time. How I wish Shivani and Ankit come over! Will need to wait for them to get over with their exams for that :(.
  4. Now this one is a little silly, but I really want to have chocolates, cold coffee, gol guppas, date and walnut cake (the latest one in my list!) all I can, without any guilt of oh-so-many-calories, nor the impending stomach problem or migraine! Why are all yummy things bad for your health (yeah... I know this is the second time I am asking this!)???
  5. Friends and family keep complaining that I never bother to call or meet and there I am...justifying myself yet again! And, these are one of those things that mean as much to me. In fact, to put it correctly, they give me happiness and I look forward to them :); however, I want to have more of them, with no time constraints. With no absolute break, this sure is something that keeps me going!
  6. There are many trips/vacations pending as well :(. There is this one to Rishikesh for river-rafting and another one to Mussoorie, then a visit to Mumbai (yeah, Sarah, I so want to meet you!), Lucknow and Indore. All these have been in my mind for years now and I am still planning :(((.

I guess my wish-list is getting a little too long for a single post. Trust me, I can go on and on and I had not even started on some materialistic wishes :). Hmm... that was more because I can manage to gift myself those. Yeah, I know I should work on these as well, but then get me time!! Tomorrow, I will be visiting the children near my place and I sure will share the experience with all of you, my blog dosts :). Till then, get your thinking caps on and work out a solution for me to go beyond wishful thinking :)).

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13 Responses
  1. Vartika Says:

    you have penned my thoughts, and maybe everybodies' too ... i second every word of ur wishlist ...keep going :)

  2. arpit Says:

    wishing to go to mumbai which is so far and you cant even come here.
    come for a weekend and you wouldnt have to do the chores :P
    ah........plan for next weekend ( willow is also planning to come) :P

  3. Zainab Says:

    hah! so u dont have a wish to meet me !thats bad :(

  4. Neha Says:

    @ Vartika - Let's, then, plan it out together :)

    @ Arpit - Will come soon, pucca :)

    @ Zainab - Sweetheart, in that case, my wish is that you come over here and stay with me :. And in any case, you are never far away from me, right?

  5. ani_aset Says:

    :)...these are things you have full control over...start somewhere :P

  6. Blog Dost Says:
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  7. Blog Dost Says:

    I have some thing for your Wish #4 :)

  8. Neha Says:

    Thanks Blogdost! I am going there next weekend!

  9. Blog Dost Says:

    @Neha! it's weekend..happy gol-guppa gorging!

    But avoid having too much, as I saw on some news channel that Virgos should avoid any health issues. You see, these channels have become fact everything but news channels :):)

    Don't take it too seriously, but you never know! Hitler once said, "A lie 100 times becomes truth!"

  10. Neha Says:

    Lagta hai aapki nazar lag gayi, blogdost :(. Forget going to Karol Bagh, I couldn't even have golguppas in the nearest joint near my place... now, it's been aover 3 weeks without them:(((.

  11. Blog Dost Says:

    3 WEEKS!!! OH MY GOD!

    3 weeks without gol-guppas and you are still alive... can't believe this!!

    Honey, don't you remember that तुम्हारी नसों में खून की जगह गोल-गप्पे का पानी बहता है??

    Go fast and have as many gol-guppas as you can have till your throat is full. I don't want to loose a wonderful soul like you due to lack of stupid gol-guppas.

    Had it been possible, I would have got them home-delivered in next 30 min...seriously.. ha ha ha

  12. Neha Says:

    Thanks Blogdost... btw, you are making me sound like someone obsessed with golguppas. I sure am a big fan of them, but not obsessed! Though I did have my share yesterday evening after a long time ...and they sure were great!