I fear stepping out these days. I am serious! The moment I step out of the protection of my home, I am attacked.... with water-balloons... and worse, they come when I least expect them! And when I look around to locate my attacker, I see so many similar ones, fully armed, all set to bombard me! They sure are pretty harmless if they are filled with water only, but what about those filled with colors? But I guess, that's all to go with the fun and masti of this colorful festival and the rightly said - Bura na maano Holi hai!!

This will be one of those rare festive times when I won't be home and I am already homesick :(. Staying away from home becomes all the more lonely and intolerable when you can't go home for a festival. I was talking to Shivani over the weekend and she went on to tell about all the preparations going on for Holi. The ghujiyas, the matthris, kaanji, dahi-bhalle, thandai..... I can go on and on. Though neither of us two sisters play Holi, Ankit prepares for it whole-heartedly. My duty has always been to smear his body with mustard oil, fill and load his arms and ammunition, send him off and lock the gate from inside! And the next time that it is opened is in late afternoon when Ankit returns all painted, colored and varnished... and dried up!

This time, though, my friends are more excited! After all, I will be in Delhi for the festival and it's one of their most-sought dreams to drench me in colors. And of course, they all know how petrified I am with colors. I know you guys are also reading this. So let me make it clear. I am not entertaining anyone at my place on Holi. I am going to forget all courtesies expected from a host! How rude of me, na? Acceptable. But I am NOT meeting anyone that day :). And I have already planned what am I going to do. I have two things to catch up with - my coveted sleep (of which I am always lacking :D) and a couple of movies. All meetings, get-together, let's plan them for the weekend :).

Actually, I have another idea. I am planning to fill a bucket-full of water-balloons and practise my aim from my third floor balcony. It will sure be fun! Considering the height, chances of counter-attack are rare, so it's worth a try. And this way, I can take my revenge from all those kids in my block who make me run for covers each time they see me. Thankfully, I have been able to duck their water bombs till now (I deserve an award for that, don't I?? :D). To be a little honest, I enjoy it too, especially when I catch them in the middle of taking the aim and give them a glare and instantly, their expressions are those of innocence personified!

There sure is a different charm to this festive time. I just spoke to Shivani and she has made some more delicacies :(... and I so want to be home now. But alas! I will have to make do with the angel-turned-devils (read kids!!!) in my block, catch up with my sleep and of course, watch the India-New Zealand match. I know that's not the way to spend a day like Holi, but then, what else can I do away from home! Papa, Dadaji, Shivani and Ankit - I am really missing you all. And to all my blog dosts - Wish you a very Happy Holi! Enjoy the day with colors, ghujiya and all other goodies that the festival brings along :) !
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13 Responses
  1. ani_aset Says:

    Gosh neha, i jus cudn believe. you goin thru same feelings as me...m missing home badly..and all the good stuff that you mentioned out here...and to add to plan is also pretty much stay home and watch the match..i plan to go out and buy some stuff..but guess colors are going to keep me stay inside this time ....and yea..nice post as reading em as always :)

  2. Anp Says:

    Amazing writing skills Neha, though i keep reading your blog but never ever got a chance to leave a comment so here I am today sending this one for you:
    you are truly an amazing person, very kind hearted person....absolutley fun to be with...And I must say extremely hard working.. So far what I know you give importance to family and friends more than yourself which is again an amazing thing. I wish all the happiness for you today n always.. Stay da same as you are. Keep Smiling :)
    Take care.

    P.S. you should focus on scripts writing, my wishes are with you.

  3. Neha Says:

    @ Ani - Get some ghujiyas and relish them with the match :). And get some water balloons too and have fun :))

  4. Neha Says:

    @ Anoop - So I finally get a comment from you :). Thank you so much for all the goodie-goodie things you've written here. I am flattered and humbled :).

  5. Zainab Says:

    hey happy holi to u too!
    even im feeling nostalgic... n missing those mouth watering ghujiyas :(

  6. Neha Says:

    @ zainab - Don't worry...I am having your share too :)

  7. ani_aset Says:

    a request: please remove the sad smiley from the heading >:D< ...its a festival..and we all want to hope that you and us stay smiling

  8. Neha Says:

    @ Ani - Point taken and implemented :)...the good girl that i am :))

  9. just reminded me of my childhood and adoloscent days in delhi...Me along with my cousins used to be one of those waiting rite at the edge of the terrace with water balloons in our hands and looking for targets moving on the road...Unfortunately more than a couple of times every year we used to be caught red-handed by those very targets and they used to make sure we were I miss those delhi days..

  10. Sarika Malik Says:


    Nice blog!..I am also feeling same on holi as sitting away from home.

  11. Neha Says:

    @ Ashutosh - So you also used to be in one of those gangs! Ask us how difficult it is to step out...but then, it sure is a lot of fun, isn't it? :)

  12. Neha Says:

    @ Sarika - Hope you had a good day with ghujiya and friends to make up for being away from home :).

  13. Anand Says:

    SOmehow Im sure u enjoyed Holi..dint u?? Happy belated Holi.

    Btw,It's big but it's finally out..
    The last part of the Legend of Krishna.

    I worked as fast as I cud so ur not left unsatisfied...
    Hope u like it. Lemme know wot u think.

    Anand. :-)