'Hey, you seem to have lost oodles of weight! What you doing gurl?' Something like this is sure to make any woman feel simply out of the world, though the usual reply will be - 'Aah, nothing. Have I lost any...really!!!' And you might as well guess the amount of effort being put in by our pretty lass :).

And meeting someone after ages and then getting to hear something like - 'You have gained a little...not much...just a little bit!' Believe you in me, the world comes crashing down and you stare at your reflection in your bedroom mirror, promising to exercise, hit the local gym, control your cravings (minus those for chocolates... after all they are mood-up lifters!) - in short do all you possibly can to get rid of the flab. And you even do that and again after few days, the motivation is down to zero and you are your old sweet chubby self again :)). I, too, have all these people cribbing about their weight... rather the extra weight! At times, I, too, feel the urgent need of shedding as many possible kilos.. er pounds... (offfo whatever!) and register at this nearby gym right away. When I make my first dash in there (this first dash being twice in two consecutive years!), I am this highly motivated being determined on achieving the so-called hour glass figure... and this state of my mind continues for at least two weeks (simply because they promise results will show only then!). Then I take my weight again... no significant loss :((( (I guess the only loss in the world everyone looks forward to!); and I, too, am back to my old sweet chubby self :D.

OKKK... I know all you fitness freaks out there will just not buy whatever I just shared and ask me not to give in too quickly and still exercise and all! But first give me that motivation or better still, reserve a treadmill (or stepper... or at least a cycle) for me every morning from the kitty party beauties who walk on them at their leisure discussing (read gossipping X-( ) about their grown-up intolerable children, good-for-nothing husbands and nasty moms in-law! Trust me, a few days more out there and I can even write a novella! Though this is not the only reason, I don't like the gym. The bigger one is that I don't enjoy it :((. I'd rather play basketball for four hours at a stretch (it's been years since I was younger...sigh.. and did that ), rather than run on a static treadmill or cover 5 kilometers on a cycle that takes me nowhere!!!

Now because I cannot do that, I follow the other methods - walking a lot, insisting on taking stairs, reducing the proportion with the time of day etc etc. Yeah... right... all those weight-loss techniques written and designed for lazy-lumps like me! :D. I enjoy them more. And when nothing works, I talk to Shivani (yupp... my sweet little sister) and she goes on to tell me about the cakes she baked the other day and how much were her newly-tried biscuits appreciated last week. She usually ends up on a note that she is going to make some pav-bhaaji or french fries... basically something to eat! Or else, I have my friend for solace, who will crib about how she seems to be gaining a kg by the day. Of course, she eats so little and only binges on the left-overs from her 2 year old daughter and I totally agree with her. With us, even the air around us carries the dreaded calories! I am serious!!!

And when nothing works, I walk up to my closet, take that dress out that flatters me... try it on and stand in front of my bedroom mirror, marvelling at the beautiful reflection I see and wonder at the amount of time and effort my creator spent on me :)). Not joking... seriously! I smile at myself and this smiling self in front oozes back in me my confidence, making me forget all those 'weighty issues' :))) ! Try it once.... you will fall in love with yourself all over again :)
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23 Responses
  1. Wooowww.....Feels like u wrote whats on every girls mind these days.... being away form home the bigest problem is that u need to cook for urself and u hardly take care of urself....i have started playing me even if u dont shed weight...u feel much better about urself...and then u feel u can have another chocolate.... hhehehe... :)

  2. Zainab Says:

    well even i want to play basketball instead of running on treadmill....... :( n i desperately want to lose some weight yaar!

  3. Neha Says:

    @ Living Life... - Very true... a game of basketball and you no more feel guilty of giving in to your cravings.... I too never had to bother about anything till I had access to a basketball court, but now.... the very thought os food seems to be piling weight on me!

  4. Neha Says:

    @ Zainab - have given you enough on those... you will lose...pucca...else come and stay with me :D

  5. zaff Says:

    "With us, even the air around us carries the dreaded calories! I am serious!!!"
    you've got gr8 sense of humuor. i hv not heard such original lines for so long.

  6. Neha Says:

    @ Zaff - Ironical, but people usually say that I don't have any sense of humor.... your comment is a testimonial to the fact that I do :)). Thanks :)

  7. Well..that's what most of my female friends(who do not really enjoy gymming) do...Walk, walk and walk..n they say its the best thing ever with multiple effects...All the best for your "Mission I-wanna-lose-weight"..

  8. Neha Says:

    @ Ashutosh - Thanks :)

  9. arpit Says:

    this blog actually rocks to the core :P

    wonderfully expressed thoughts
    and why didnt you leave the link of your blog when you commented on mine
    i am going to blogroll you as soon as i open wordpress
    incidentally, swetaa didi came across your blog and she told me about it
    so count me on your list of regular
    reader and congrats on winning the contest ( where is the party ? :P )

  10. Neha Says:

    @ Arpit aka Appu - Thanks dear :). And I too love your blog...too good at your age!And party due, pucca!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I see and wonder at the amount of time and effort my creator spent on me :)).

  12. Neha Says:

    @ Anonymous - Anything wrong with doing that?

  13. Anonymous Says:

    No.. thats very natural and quite a fit in ur case :)

  14. Neha Says:

    @ Anonymous - now, the positive me will take that as a compliment and thank you for that :)

  15. Anonymous Says:

    wasn't that clear enough.. I mean uc an save your positivity for rest : That was obvious and straight. Not like u

  16. Neha Says:

    @ Anonymous - when have I been ambiguous or have my posts been that way ever?

  17. Anonymous Says:

    sorry was forcefully off the net so couldn't reply earlier. Well as far as ur blogs go u are much more clearer and straight. Not otherwise :)

  18. Neha Says:

    @ Anonymous - Didn't get you. You need to know me as a person to be saying something like that.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    You are right.. Without that how wud i be writing that :)

  20. Neha Says:

    @ Anonymous - hah, so now will I have the honour of knowing who you are :))

  21. Anonymous Says:

    well the base at the start was that identity doesn't really make a difference. You can be worlds apart but still understand

  22. Neha Says:

    @ Anonymous - no more arguing with you now....I bow at your ability to keep the conversation going :) Keep dropping by and leaving comments.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Lol..looks for see what u want to see:)