"Hey, what's your sunsign?" That's become a sure-shot way to begin a conversation. Our generation is more versed with Linda Goodman and Ceiro and we get ample opportunities to boast of our knowledge as well. I have friends who know about each sunsign like the back of their hands... which sun sign compliments which one - ask them and they will not disappoint you.

While Di and I used to look for suitable brides for our brother, there was a major criteria that he had mentioned - NO Virgo! And we don't blame him for that either.... now, if you had two sisters with that sign, you'd know what I, rather my brother meant and will empathize with him also (Yeah, Di and I belong to the so-called perfectionist cult!!!).

OKK, jokes apart, it is some serious matter. I say 'some', as I still cannot figure out how can I first know the sun sign of a person, before liking him (or your case may be!)? After all, I need to know if we will be compatible! And this whole thing completely refutes the theory of love at first sight! Now, don't tell me that you only fall in love then because somewhere, your personalities give those 'our sun signs are compatible' vibe! Before you question me.... yes, I am also a romantic at heart and believe in love at first sight... and I will keep this topic for another post :).

Coming back to our dearie sun signs, it's a mere coincident that one of my best friends is a Capricorn (Virgos & Capricorns are believed to be really good together..or so they say).. and another one is a Gemini and I still don't know how well my sun sign goes with hers! Then, I am my Di's replica in every sense (except that she is more practical than me!) and we both are Virgos! And my Dad and brother are Sagittarius and my tuning with both of them is simply great (Now, I'm curious to google on the compatibility of these two!). Shivani is a typical Scorpio and we seem to gel really well too. Ankit is a Libra and Dadaji, a Cancerian and they are my lifelines! My Jiju is a Taurus and at times, he understands me better than Di... and my Bhabhi is a Leo (yeah, we found a non-Virgo for my brother, but worse, he has three of us to deal with now!). I'm sure that I have some great people of other not-mentioned sun signs too as very important part of my life.

Though, I am not much into reading about them, and the source of all (restricted!) my knowledge are my Sun sign-guru friends. I'd never mind reading a thick Indian fiction, but the width of Linda Goodman put me off somehow. A school friend got this old coveted version of Ceiro once and we tried to devour it as much in a couple of hours... I barely remember now what it was all about! Of course, I too enjoy reading the daily tiny horoscope in the newspaper and there is this little, but, very important rule that I follow - only the good things are meant for me! Now, how can only 12 types of things happen with everyone in this world everyday? There has to be some segregation there, right? So, I do that part for myself :) (cheeky, na? ;) ).

However, after all this, it still doesn't make straight sense to me... I mean the entire sun sign business. And I tend to desist it all the more when I see it becoming a reason behind wrecked relationships! Yes, I know and have seen people who tend to treat the sun sign compatibility with more reverence than a person and whether or not the relationship can work depends on their sun signs...phew! A friend went to see a girl for matrimony purpose... but didn't agree to their match. He confessed later that though she had every quality that he was looking for in his companion, but their sun signs are not great together! Is that actually a good enough reason??? (Their kundlis did match, by the way!). I do try to make myself believe that such are only some extreme cases. Even then, I do not buy it!!! I'd rather that a person likes and accepts me for my qualities than those mentioned about my sun sign in some book! And if so be the case, then I'm better off without such a person in my life... and I am serious!

Got a little hard there... sorry about that :(. Yet, it's only about the basics that I do try to set right in my life :).

All said and done, an individual holds more importance to me than the qualities foretold by their sun sign. I'd hate myself for losing a great person only because I feel that our signs don't sing along well! And even a little humming is great music to my ears... after all, that's how all great songs begin, right?
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12 Responses
  1. i am too a gemini :P
    well just go through all the prediction for various sun sign and you will see that all prediction are almost one and the same . besides the last line is ..." in all your day will be good "......crap !
    thats the word for it :P

    off topic : when are you thinking of paying a visit to us ? :P :P
    and i added a new feature to my blog... a slide show ! :P

  2. Neha Says:

    @ Arpit - Guess you are right...will read other predictions also now :). An yeah, will come soon to meet you all :)

  3. ani_aset Says:

    Hmm...take some rest neha now :)....i got confused about what you actually were trying to tell in between

  4. This post reminds me of Lage Raho Munnabhai..remember Batuk maharaj?
    Anyway on a serious note, yes it would be really silly to let go of someone just coz ur sunsigns weren't compatible.

    P.S.:Today's generation talks such a lot abt getting rid of superstitions and stuff that doesn't make scientific sense and yet we all think of sunsign stuff as some real cool talk. I guess quite frequently this topic acts as an ice-breaker on dates :)

  5. Neha Says:

    @ Ani - where did I go wrong or astray?

  6. Neha Says:

    @ Ashutosh - So fact I know of people who talked of nothing else but sunsugns on their first dates! No wonder this profession will always be in vogue :)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Nice little write-up on Sun Signs. I agree to everything you've said.
    But somewhere I feel that you are very much interested in knowing what sun sign ur friend, or ur acquaintance has, and then perhaps, you draw a line accordingly.(its just my reading here,I may and i wish, I'm wrong).
    I'll be anxiously waiting for you "love at first sight" blog, 'coz i have an absolute different take on this and would like to know your thoughts and see if i can change my opinion about it.
    Many thanks.
    Take care.

  8. Vijay Says:

    Being someone who swears by sun signs and still wants to sound reasonable, I need to tread cautiously here :P Sun signs are just broad strokes and the fine print varies a great deal between people of the same sign. If you look closely, these broad "traits" are fairly correct. That's perhaps the reason why people still keep talking about them :) Its based on the month of birth, each of which corresponds to a certain planetary alignment, so there is perhaps a scientific reasoning to it! Its at least not as arbitrary as numerology, which claims that a mere spelling change can alter lives.

    But of course, I don't approve paranoid about sun signs. Just be aware, and try to keep an open mind :)

    Don't bother wondering how you know me, we don't know each other and I don't even remember how I landed on your blog. Nice one btw, good going!!

  9. Anand Says:

    Sorry, I didnt actually read all of it but thats only cuz I was stuck somehwere in between and got thinking..
    We guys here in Mumbai like the subtle way of staring a
    so, hey, got a light? or.. hmm, i sthat the the new fad of evening wear lately?? Haha..or smething jus as
    Keep it up. Illvisit u more.
    Anand. :-)

  10. Neha Says:

    @ Aamir - All my knowledge on sunsigns comes from my friends, and therefore, I know their sunsigns :)
    As for the post on Love at first Sight, it should be there soon:)

  11. Neha Says:

    @ Vijay - And what you said is true to a certain extent; however, scientific or not, I'd really not know. And thanks :). Keep peeping in for more posts :)

  12. Neha Says:

    @ Anand - I'm sure there are so many other lines to start a conversation with, but more often than not, the sun sign discussion does come!
    And thanks...will look forward to your feedback in future :)