'Please avoid going out today, especially with some male friend,' is something I got to hear from almost all my friends and relatives last week. With the so-called moral police going berserk with the very idea of celebrating Valentine's Day, they had a reason to be concerned. After all, they definitely didn't want me to get married on a roadside to someone supposedly my 'Valentine'! However, with all the drama and hype created by the self-proclaimed custodians of our culture, I am glad the day passed off peacefully, apart from some places where the goons managed to get away with their lunacy.

Though for me, it was a far happier 'Valentine's Day' :)))). In the past few years in Delhi, whenever I went out on this day, I found it really sweet when I'd see couples walking hand-in-hand (at times, the grip is tight enough to ensure the other one doesn't run away!). I find it even sweeter when I see families celebrating this day together. It simply goes on to say that it's all about celebrating love.

My father was driving when I called him and the sound of traffic made his voice less audible, but not as much to dampen my spirits. I wished him excitedly, ' Papa, Happy Valentine's Day!' "Achcha haan, aaj Valentine's Day hai.... Happy Valentine's Day!"
"Papa, my gift???"
"Don't worry, jab ghar aana, le lena jo mann ho."

Little does he know that he has already given me my gift and more than I can ever ask for. His voice resonated the chirp with which I had wished him. For some time after the call, I was reliving all the beautiful memories. However strict and Hitler-like he may have been (a major reason why a 7-year-old, that is me, agreed to go to a boarding school!), he has always been there for me and with me. I may not realize that I am hungry, but he would have the table laid out; there has not been a single birthday that went forgotten or missed; his choices are as meticulous as he is and he knows exactly what will look best on me. Today, when I look back, I secretly thank him for all that he has done for us. I do, of course, owe my life to him, but I also owe him all that I am today as if not for him and the trust and confidence he has always shown in me, I would not have been what and where I am today.

I, then, called my childhood sweetheart. Don't go guessing who he is. He is the one I cannot imagine life without. He is my hero and my idol - my Dadaji :) (I am sure you guys were waiting for another name!). When I wished him, he asked me what date it was. Now, that is customary with him. Every time you wish him for any occasion, he cross-checks the date... and what with writing it on every cash-memo from 10 am every day! And before I could even ask him for my gift, he asked me to have an ice-cream from his side. Now, that's definitely a very 'sweet' gift. And that's how he is even since I have known him. He has been my shield from every storm (including my Dad's anger :D). Teaching us to ride a bicycle during his morning walks, playing games with us even after a long and tiring day at work, appreciating every little effort we make (however mad it may be!), listening patiently to everything we had and have to say... and that look in his eyes as if to say 'Go on, don't fear, I am with you.' But not everything is goody-goody there! It's difficult to manage his questions when he asks me the price of the shirts or other things I get for him. As it is already so difficult shopping for men and trust me, it cannot get worse when you have your entire family in garments business. It's like they eat, drink, sleep and live clothes and fooling Dadaji there is so not easy :(. Aah... don't worry, I am able to pull it off quite well there :D. After all, practice maketh a man (here, a woman) perfect! Gifts apart, he is my pillar of strength. From teaching me how to play snakes and ladder to providing the extra punch lines to all my debate speeches (And I can proudly add here that I have never lost any!), he has been my best teacher, friend and guide. If life is about living, he has taught me how to make it worth living :).

And then, how could I let the day go without wishing my youngest and permanent boyfriend! If my Di is reading this, she knows who am I talking about here - my 4+ years old nephew 'my jaan'. When I wished him, he was all confused and the word 'Valentine' was big enough to twist his tongue the first time. So, Di prompted him to say - Happy V Day, which he did in quite a hurry. He was in between munching his food and watching his favorite cartoon channel and for no Valentine, he'd want to miss that. He is our lucky charm and a born genius. He has an answer ready for everything and his innocent answers make you want to hug him again and again (and I never miss a chance to do that :D). A perfect Valentine's day would be to go and enjoy a Happy Meal at McDonald's with him and next year, I am doing that for sure :).

Now, if you are thinking I was on phone the entire day, then the answer is 'No'. Yeah, I didn't get any roses (for that matter, any other variety of flower, except a smiley icon one that a friend sent on Yahoo!), I did get bundles of smiles and happiness and a beautiful crystal flower vase :). I don't like flowers as they don't last long, but a gift as thoughtful as this was as beautiful as unexpected! (so now you know that you needn't get flowers to try and impress me!!!). A great dinner and a so-so movie (Luck by Chance - I didn't find it that great :( ) gave a good note to end the day with. Food and movie taste and look better when you have great company. And a great company need not be that of your soul-mate or companion only.... friends are always best to hang out with :) (I'm sure your minds were off thinking something else!)

This was another beautiful day like all others this year. What makes my days special is the feeling of loving and being loved.... and with all these wonderful people around me, I sure have nothing to complain about!

And to all those people out there, hell-bent on making others' lives hell - Please go and get a life! If you have nothing better to do, then lock yourself in your rooms instead of creating menace for others.

And to all others, don't let a particular day be your day of expressing what you feel for the other one. In fact, never miss out on a moment or chance to tell the other person how much you love them. It is a small gesture, but means a lot! Try it and each time you express it, your bond will only get stronger! (And this is tried, testified and certified by 'me' :) )
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6 Responses
  1. Zainab Says:

    that was really a great velentines day indeed! but mine was not that great :( i was too bsy that day!

  2. Neha Says:

    @ Zainab - Don't worry.... you can make everyday a special one; don't wait for a specific day to enjoy and relish the little moments of happiness :)

  3. Its really nice to know that there are some people who celebrate the day of love in its true sense! The people who really matter to us , who really love us... our near ones, who are so dear to us.
    wish you celebrate every day of life like a V-day!

  4. Neha Says:

    @ Today writer - Thank you so much :) Wish you too a Happy Valentine Day every day :))

  5. Its such a lovely feeling isn't it? Celebrating events with family members..After all that these so called "moral police" practitioners make out of the Valentine's the end of the day it remains a day dedicated to love and affection, irrespective of whom its meant for.. Lovely post this one..keep them coming

  6. Neha Says:

    @ Ashutosh - True, it's all about celebrating life with people who mean the world to you. Thanks a ton :)