Last week has been hectic and a bit happening... and so the gap in my next post :(.

First things first - the fact that you all look forward to my posts gives me a high and I thank you from the core of my heart. OK OK... I am not going to begin with one of those speeches they give after receiving awards. But wait... I do have reasons to give one today and I have been waiting for almost a week to share this with all of you. There was this blog contest on Radio Mirchi, last Sunday. On the insistence of my cousin, Sunny, I sent my blog link.... and yupp, you guessed it right...I won!!! This is the first time, I have won something like this and you know what makes me happier? That this is not just another lucky draw! So you see, that's where the thanksgiving speech bug came from :). And of course, I owe you a treat, Sunny! Let me know when and where :). I am now looking forward to my prize that they will be sending across!

This so proves something that I have been working towards - if you feel and act positive, positive things and people are all around you. This year is surely a year of discoveries! I am discovering those things in me, which I thought were lost or left far behind!

Last Sunday, we went to Adventure Island and the very first look at those rides freaked me out! I remember taking a Giant Wheel ride long time back and that too, when I was challenged to take it. God bless my friend who screamed so much that they had to stop midway! For my ego was just not allowing me to let out a squeal! It had been long I went to a similar place and didn't mind not going either! Amusement parks don't hold that much attraction for me, but my friends promised me a terrific time! And I'm one of those who'd do anything for my friends (not friends will vouch for that!:) )

We started with the Bumping cars, something that has fascinated me since childhood. It is so much fun! I would not have minded being at it for hours, but they would only give 2-3 mins...Grrrr! We went from one ride to another... daring ourselves even more with the next one. To me, it was like challenging myself with that extra push to the fear within me. Isn't it strange? You know well that these rides are harmless, yet you fear taking them...and there are so many things in life we get into knowing well, they will lead us nowhere and give us only pain! Ironical as well! Aah..OK, I am not going to get into the philosophical mode here. Back to the rides!

After quite a few of them, we were confronted with the most daring of those - The Flip out: 360 degrees. Talking about how dangerous it looked was quite apparent from the very look on the faces of our male colleagues, but then, they could not express it in front of the fairer sex. Huh, the male ego, I tell you! The best part of it was the warning given by the usherer there - This ride will go on for two and a half minutes and will NOT stop in between. Two and a half minutes only! And I knew what he meant by 'will NOT stop in between' when I was hanging upside down at somewhere like 20 feet above ground! I opened my eyes and forced them shut again. And this time, I did not hold my screams. I was screaming to glory with bystanders (colleagues again!) having their share of laugh. By the time it ended (which seemed like ages), I was surprised that I was still alive... but there was also a new sense of courage in me... something like 'Bring it on... I am game for anything now!' It was this James Bond kinda feeling (a feminine one of course! Now, don't ask me to explain that...phew!).

The day was simply great and like all good things, ended very soon as well :(. But no regrets... and loads of thrilling memories to take home!

Picnic...rides...360 degrees....and everything. And you thinking I am off the track from a new discovery to an Amusement park. Actually not. Yesterday, I discovered that I still have that little child in me, which wants and knows how to enjoy those little thrills in life. Somehow, while growing up, I have always suppressed myself in the midst of ego, peer pressure, and the fear of what others will think. I realize now how important it is to let loose sometimes.... let go of every fear, every inhibition and act like no one is watching or rather, as if you don't care who is watching! I don't know why but till now, I had been living the way others expected me to.... but now, it is more like them accepting me the way I am. And even most of these expectations that I felt I was obliged to live up to were self-inflicted! The fact is that my people know me and they love and accept me the way I am and believe me, there is no greater happiness for me today :)

Thanks Dimple for promising a day filled with fun... it sure lived up to your promise. And Gagan, Dimple & Jalpesh, thanks for being there to make it fun-filled and truly memorable :). I meant it when I said that I love doing what my friends ask me to do and with each passing day, I trust you all with my life all the more :)
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15 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    we could juzz feel u couldnt hold it anymore and had to write it...:)

  2. Neha Says:

    @ Anonymous - the prize or the ride?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    well both.. so did u get the prize yet

  4. Neha Says:

    @ Anonymous - It's supposed to arrive by post... am waiting to see what it is :)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    hmm.. Happy Waiting :)

  6. Swetaa Says:

    Hi neha..
    I ve been following ur blog from past one week..
    and ur words really keep me sticked to my seat!!!
    u really write evrything in such a simple yet awesome way....
    i just read ur this post and believe me i was feeling butterflies in my stomach, as if i was on one of those rides!!!
    I juss love ur writings....

  7. So...finally we've got the new that's wat we were waitng for rite???.......btw...wat bout the guts of riding 360 again :)...n thnks for wat sweetheart....i don't want to get killed.... ;)

  8. Neha Says:

    @ Shweta - Thanks a ton :). Keep visiting for more and would love your feedback always!

  9. Neha Says:

    @ Gagan - The second chance at 360 was even more fun.... let's try out the Amusement park in that we are game for the scariest rides!

  10. zaff Says:

    congratulations for winning the radio mirchi prize. so now i can go out and say to people " I only read award winning blogs". Great Going.

  11. Yes...lets plan it out sometime...AND CONGRATS!!!!!!!!

  12. Neha Says:

    @ Zaff - Thanks a ton :)

  13. Neha Says:

    @ Gagan - Plan it out then...and thanks :)

  14. Jalpesh Says:

    I must say god has given you a great writing skills nd the most imp thing is that ur utilizing in the right manner. So keep it up..Secondly, congs for the Radio mirchi...nd thanks for the party advance.....hahahaha....Thanks a ton for the last para....I think now bond girl is ready for more than 360 right......

  15. Neha Says:

    @ Jalpesh - Thank you so much :)
    And due hai....And of course...m ready for n number of 360 degree rides...for that matter, any ride....Bring it on; I am game for them all :D