"Now that you are coming next weekend, you can... might as well ... get me a rajasthani know something different that makes me look slim and nice!" That's the first call I received from my younger sister, Shivani, the moment she got to know that I will be home for the next long weekend. I was only figuring out where can I get a 'nice' lehanga for her, when my cell phone rang again. No prize for guessing who it was! It was Shivani again with my brother, Ankit, prompting her in the background, "Ankit wants one of those hood wali Tshirt...and get one in black...he is saying black looks best on him...OK." That was short and sweet indeed :)

It's these little things that surely make you feel you are in demand (that's what a friend said!). On retrospect, I feel that it's these little things that make that bond much stronger. The fact that you stay miles away and meet only on festivals or other special occasions does not, in any way, affect the love and affection you share.

Like one of those days, when I was really down and out, I called my sister. Though younger than me, she had her fundas right - "Don't worry. These things are part of life. I'll tell you what! Wear a sexy dress and go out! When you see all those heads turning, you will feel better! And have chocolates, ice creams...and everything else you like....they increase your happy hormones....and yes, just eat and eat well! Trust me, you will feel better!" This was, indeed, the most practical advice I got at that time! I followed it and I definitely felt better :)

It's even more hilarious to hear Ankit (more than six years younger!) comment on all the pictures my Dad receives as part of his matrimonial quest for me. He mentally compares me with the one in question and comes up with things like - "Yeh toh black and white TV ban jaayegi...or...Didi ko ek stool bhi dena hoga dahej mein...or better still....Didi will drive him to suicide, Papa!" And if ever I do say something like - this one looks fine, he retorts, "Are you sure? I can you even think of ruining this poor man's life???" Now, what can anyone have to say to that! The other day, he said something like this to Shivani - "You have one speed breaker in your life and poor me, I have TWO! And even after the two of you are settled, I know you both will ensure that I see you in my nightmares!!! "

My grandfather calls both of them to be descendants of Kumbhkaran family! Neither will even budge from their sleep until noon...come what may! But then, there are those rare days when they are up at 6 in the morning! One will come to pick me from the Railway station and the other one will wait patiently, making a mind-list of all the demanded things. After meeting my Dadaji, when I enter the room with my duffel, both will be eyeing it with a know-all smile on their faces. And as I will hand out their 'gifts' (they like to call them that), comparisons start... leading to quarrels... to fist-fights...literally! To be honest here, I quite enjoy this, as rarely you get to see such things that you actually took for granted when you were younger...and this is the only time in my entire trip when I feel wanted :(

All said and done, these sweet and spicy moments make all the difference, when there is no need to express what you feel for the other one! Your eyes say it all! For it's only out of a sense of unconditional love, trust and belongingness when your sister trusts you to buy her something in which she will look nice and slim; when you can actually feel the unexpressed fear behind your brother's witty statements for the would-be grooms; when you see their droopy eyes as they kept awake the whole night to ensure that they reach the station on time the next morning! These moments are those that you want to live forever....they make you feel loved and valued! And I, on my part, look forward to their calls with their never-ending wish-list till the time I board the train! They truly make me feel 'in demand'!
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21 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    wow... so u like when they make you feel special...and IN DEMAND...How abt making that as a Rule most of the times

  2. Anonymous Says:

    And was the CCD an idea inspired by Shivani..

  3. Gagan Ghansal (GG) Says:

    My dear u were always in jus that u never looked around ;-)

  4. Neha Says:

    @ Anonymous - It's human to feel good that way, aint it? And I am curious to know your identity! Would you reveal?

  5. Neha Says:

    @ Gagan - Guess you are right! But now, I am playing safe...keeping all my otions open :D

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Neha... does an identity make a difference. Having a name and face at times doesn't help. And U r right.. that's like a human trait..BTW u didn't get back on the CCD thingy :)

  7. Neha Says:

    @ Anonymous - Identity does make a are able to relate better :)
    And what about the CCD thingy? That's more like a preference over Barista :)

  8. Anonymous Says:

    lol...thats ok.. but i feel at times identity gives you a self created perception and you limit your thoughts acc to that.. do you agree

  9. Neha Says:

    That depends from person to person and no two individuals are similar. I will talk about myself here and limiting my perception and thought process based on an identity is so not me....I'd rather give the person space and time to create the impression which is true and honest.
    And I am curious to know about this CCD reference! Any help on that?

  10. Anonymous Says:

    well... as individuals...we all have our own way of looking things with everyone being right or wrong in his own world.. I would say u can give away with identity finding syndrome.. for nw...

    Reg CCD i was reading ur blogs and somehow felt that the CCD visit that you did was with shivani driving it..

  11. Neha Says:

    Someone seems to be following my blog quite closely...can you help me further with the CCD reference...I seem to have forgotten the post :)

  12. Anonymous Says:

    ah i somewhere read u went to ccd

  13. Neha Says:

    Read or heard :)

  14. Anonymous Says:

    lemme think :)

  15. Neha Says:

    I think I know you :)

  16. Anonymous Says:

    is it

  17. Anonymous Says:

    hey it seems u have got lost in ur own world :)

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Is getting too personal in here neha...for a sweet writer like you ..your fan expects you to hit on same emotions without the personal reference... :)

    did i miss something? ;)
    You sure are improving girl

  19. Hey...Just by chance my eyes fell on your blog...nice blog and a nice decision you have taken to live. :). I don't knw what pain you had, but yes if you take the past as an experience it would really help. So enjy life...would keep peeping around your blog see ya...

  20. Neha Says:

    @ Lalit - Thanks :) Will look forward to your feedback in future!

  21. Neha Says:

    @ Anonymous (Ani) - your idea has been taken...just need to start working on it...and thanks :)...will look forward to more feedback from you :)