Today, being the first working day for me this New Year, I received warm New Year greetings from everyone I came across; but this one was different. I received it from a friend over chat - hope this year rings out the farce and brings real life in front of you -- and that life turns out to be beautiful :)

The farce - referred to here is definitely part of my blog link. And I am sure that my readers see a pessimist streak in it. But for me, it's not's the way I perceive life and it's my way of dealing with it. Someone once said to me that to him, life is amusing. Likewise, to me, life is a sort of parody. It is the situations in our lives that plot and conceive our reactions. How well you can control yourself in these situations is your way of living your life.

To the friend who wished me - I assure you that I will look for that beautiful life and not wait for a New Year to usher it. I will go ahead to embrace it, to live it and to cherish it and I will surely write that day that Life, after all, is beautiful!
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  1. like ur blog itz expressive