Lord Krishna said - "To action alone hast thou a right and never at all to its fruits; let not the fruits of action be thy motive; neither let there be in thee any attachment to inaction."

We all understand that we need to do our karma, notwithstanding the results. Go on, tread our paths with our actions and not worry about what it will bring to us as that is not in our control. True, very true. We need to continue doing our Karma.

This we all understand rather well. In situations when we know not what to do and where to go, we take solace in it and make ourselves understand that the result is not in our hands. But then, there are times when we even relate our inactions to this statement and argue that this is our karma. Is that right? Why do we forget the latter part of His statement - neither let there be in thee any attachment to inaction?

Our actions define our destiny. They lead us to where we are and where we will be. They can make us a king or a pauper. As rightly said - What goes round...comes around. A good deed is rewarded and a bad one punished and all that happens in our world.

Luck, fate, destiny reduce to mere words when man decides to write it in his own terms. Our Gita also says that we can control our destiny if we work and plan hard for what we desire. I don't say that it is, then, wrong to think that we just need to do our karma and not think of the outcome. Instead we need to act in order to direct the outcome. It is our actions that should decide our destiny and not our inaction or fate, that we often term it as.

Nothing is impossible. We can face the biggest ordeals in life, provided we have the courage and the determination to do it. The beginning may be preconcieved, but we have to make the end our own. Leaving everything to destiny is the biggest gamble we play. We may succeed and we may not succeed. God has gifted us all with an intellect...each one his own. And it is our thinking that decides our actions. Why do we, then, ignore this biggest gift from God. It's upto us to be influenced and no one and nothing can influence us or our actions if we so want it.

I don't know what made me write this. But somewhere I feel that we all, at one point or another, blame our fate or destiny, not realizing that it is us who make it. We cry for what we have lost, but we don't reflect on why we lost it. It is in our hands to direct the course of our lives. It is our conscience or our aatman that should direct us ... not outer influences. For how long can you hide behind them? You'd need to look into the mirror one day - the mirror of your conscience.
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  1. Karan Says:

    This is what I always call the "chakra of life" . If everything is in the hands of God and is already decided and we are required to just play our roles then why worry ? Karma - for that matter is also decided.We need to perform it.

    It's a mix.Tough to code and too far to re-code.

    All one can do is - do good stay away from what is not good.Life changes and so does the time.

    Nice share :)