When life throws lemons at you, make lemonade out of it – I read this somewhere and found it rather amusing. For how many of us really get such ideas when they are being stoned with not so lemony lemons from all nooks and corners of life.

But as a friend pointed out, it’s a matter of perspective; how you perceive things is all that makes a difference. A very close friend will simply curl up in a corner even if she senses the slightest turmoil in her life. She’d excuse herself out of every trouble saying that she cannot handle responsibilities. It all seemed to gel in with the personality of a college-going girl. Such remarks then would simply make me start on one of my ‘Grow Up’ lectures (how grown up was I never bothered me). I got chatting with her online yesterday and she made the statement again. Now, she is a wife and a mother. This statement definitely did not suit her now. And then I realized that it had actually become a part of her being – to close all doors and windows and hide in the safest corner even if it became a little breezy outside. Does the wind scare her or the aftermath – I still have to discover. But what I still wonder is whether we can make such statements when we have so many responsibilities to shoulder? For some, it may be a way of life; for others, running away from life. A matter of perspective again.

Another friend will smile even after bricks fall on her head…literally! Not that nothing affects her. Everything does. She faces them, reacts accordingly (right or wrong) and gets over with it. Nothing stays in there for any longer than it is required.

Don’t know what is the right approach…or what is correct, incorrect. And who decides it? For in a situation, if u think about others, setting yourself aside…the lemons become sore and if you think about yourself, you are termed selfish. What is the right way? Can someone tell me?
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