The ambience, the people, everything around you gives you jitters in a surrounding like that. People holding their dear ones who are crying in pain; staff in white or green rushing here and there, personnel with instruments around their necks running from one dept to another. And I walking down the corridoor, looking for the right gate no. to collect my reports from. Yes, i was in a hospital - Apollo, surrounded with people in pain and illness.

Somehow, when u are also in pain, you can relate to others who are in a similar situation. Such is a human being. In times of happiness, it's difficult for most of us to understand others' misery; but when we are or have gone through similar trying times, we can understand relatively more easily.

As I was about to enter the dept of Neuro Sciences (I am suffering from migraines), I stepped aside as some people were bringing a patient on a stretcher, lean, pale, with so many attachments of drips. He must not have been more than 50 yrs, but could barely move a limb. His arms and legs were hanging out of the stretcher with his attendants trying to save them from being brushed against the wall or the door. He lay still, with blank eyes staring into eternity, it seemed. My eyes followed that patient with my thoughts wandering. Did he still have a will to live? Did he want to live? Will he be completely cured? Will he be able to walk again? Will he ever be among his own people living and laughing like them?

As he went out of sight, I turned and caught my reflection on the glass door. I was standing on my own feet, walking without support, moving without help, living a life on my own. And yet, there have been so many things I complain of. Has life treated me as harshly as I say it has? What about that man who can barely walk?

Today, I truly feel blessed. I have what many don't and I am grateful for all that I have. Thank you God, for making me 'Me'.
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