OK, what to do when you are really angry? Really annoyed and pissed off! Break something? Curse? Hit Someone?

Ok, and what to do when you are really angry with yourself? Can you break your head? Definitely not! Or maybe try hitting yourself? That's foolish, ain't it? But you know what, I am angry with myself and actually very angry! Why? Well, because I seem to never learn from my past mistakes! I know it's human to err, but to err similarly time and again is mere stupidity. And for this, I can't forgive myself.

And then the irony is that each time I am committing the blunder, I know what I am getting into. Then there is this voice of my intellect (I guess it to be from there :) ) asking me to check myself, but I don't care to listen to it; as my heart still believes that I can't go wrong every time. And then once I'm into it there's no turning back. I truly live that the moment thoroughly and pray that it never ends. But end it does...leaving me sad, lonely and longing for it again.'s so ecstatic. It's very first touch on your tongue sends a cold tickling sensation throughout the body. And in this scorching Delhi summers, it's a blessing in disguise! Yeah..I am talking about Ice creams. Aren't they simply great? Ohh...why do I regard them as blunders. Well, when you are trying to go on a good healthy diet, they are actually SINFUL!

And you thought I was talking about something else! Caught you!
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  1. Pradeep Says:

    caught me too! I was thinking about something else...perhaps our brains have become wired to think like that...I like the ice-cream ending :)