Well, talking about Sawaria- the much-hyped and talked about movie this festive season! How was it...well you have to watch it to believe me when I say- what made Sanjal L Bhansali make this movie at all and more so, what made Ranbir and Sonam consider this as their launchpad....anyways, let me tell you about 'THE MOVIE" now!

hmmm....let's begin with the sets...well, they are straight from the title song of Arabian Nights...even the colors! ranbir looks good and promising...but then his breaking into a song with every dialog! Each time, he begins humming and you are like- please..not again! Sonam...hmmm...her smile is sweet, but her giggles! Even an actress like Rani seems to have been wasted and I wish he wasn't a part of this movie! Zohra Sehgal and Begum Para are worth watching, but then with a handful of scenes, they really cant do anything. Though Zohra Sehgal was a treat in Cheeni Kum also!

And now for the story...was there one??? And also, could someone, who has seen the movie, tell me why did Sakina go on a boating trip every night, when there was that fairytale like bridge to cross the stream..err...river...err...I really don't know what!

As the movie started, I was waiting for the Interval (to heave a sigh of relief that half the torture is over!) and after the interval, I was waiting for it to end- after all, movie tickets in Delhi are not cheap! After coming out of the Audi, I felt as if my eyes were curtained with blacks and blues...much thanks to the varied colors of the sets - only black & blue, which when mixed turn Grey!

Why...why was this movie made?? Could anyone tell me...
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