Hmm...Today's is just like any other Friday evening....taking so long to end! I peep at the watch in the far righ-bootom of my monitor every half hour (or longer it seems to me), only to realize that it's been only five mins since I last looked at the time.

And then the irony is that two whole days- Saturday and Sunday take no time to fly by (I'm sure all my corporate friends will agree with me here)!

The weekend is the only thing I look forward to right from Sunday evening. For me, Monday comes with all colors like Black and grey apart from the traditional blue! It's just 3.50 on my system's watch just now (God...why isn't it not even shrugging???) Around me, everyonw is immersed in their work. Ohhkay, I too had mine, which I have sort of completed for the week :)

okies, so it's finally 6 and time to pack I happy...of course I am.....after all, I deserve a good weekend after slogging for 5 days!
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  1. Soul Says:

    As usual....
    But I have saturday half day...